If you are an outdoor activity centre - the best time to get an online booking system is right now!

BookingLive is the number 1 provider of an online booking system with full website integration in the world! Our specialist market is working with activity centres with over 4 years experience. Get in touch to view a full range of clients we work with and to book your setup and installation in asap.

As we go into winter the days get shorter and the number of people brave enough to venture out to enjoy the activity centresĀ reduces. So why not make sure your online booking system is the best it can be for the next year.

The benefits of an online booking system are:

    • you don't have to have someone waiting by the phone to take bookings so you can spend more time with the clients

    • the bookings can happen 24/7 from anywhere in the world

    • if you use Groupon, Living Social or another gift agent an online booking system can cope with the sudden increase of sales.

    • being able to easily control which instructors are doing what activities when

    • you can easily find a customer and see what activities and any extras they have bought.

If you get an online booking system over the winter it can be ready and taking bookings in time for the spring.

If you would like to find out more contact us on 0117 933 8632 or at www.bookinglive.co.uk