BookingLive Customers!

We're thrilled to share the latest updates and improvements to your BookingLive Enterprise Platform! Our product and development teams have been working incredibly hard for several months to bring you, our valued customer, new features and enhancements to help you sell more availability, manage your business better and provide an exceptional booking experience to your customers.


Bug Fixes

We understand that smooth functioning is crucial for any booking system, which is why we've addressed several bugs in this upgrade. Here are the key bug fixes included in version 3.64.0:

1. ENT-202: Resolved an issue with event description not displaying correctly on the booking page events list for event series.
2. ENT-165: Fixed the inability to delete events when no active orders were referencing the event.
3. ENT-189: Resolved an issue with the summary and total not updating when a childcare voucher was added on the payment page.
4. ENT-209: Fixed the hang in the ExecuteQueuedExports Cron process.
5. ENT-130: Resolved the hang in the CreatePostActivityCertificate Cron process.
6. ENT-166: Fixed an issue where adjusting an individual pricing scheme price to a far future end date could generate an incorrect pricing scheme.
7. ENT-187: Fixed multiple product attachments showing up in confirmation emails.
8. ENT-200: Fixed an error related to Package Rules not being set on created Promotions.
9. ENT-219: Resolved the issue where the Reports>Orders Status filter "Waiting List" wasn't working.
10. ENT-205: Fixed the problem of reminder emails being sent out even after course events were canceled.
11. ENT-249: Fixed Crons not restarting after failing, ensuring smoother processing.
12. ENT-243 and ENT-244: Fixed timezone issues on the calendar view and template products.
13. ENT-214: Participants no longer drop off order items when editing orders with product groups.
14. ENT-251: Resolved the Participant Certificate cron failing.
15. ENT-175: Now you can reuse Participant information using the suggestions dropdown.
16. ENT-234: Fixed the ability to delete all unbooked events when deleting events using Resources>Resource>Events.
17. ENT-230: Resolved various cron issues, enhancing overall system stability.
18. ENT-120: Fixed the childcare voucher amount validation.
19. ENT-254: Restored the functionality of Stripe integration.
20. ENT-248: Payments report now correctly shows refund BACS transactions.
21. ENT-221: Fixed the issue with promoting a waiting list order containing a physical item breaking the process.
22. ENT-256: Resolved the problem of unable to proceed to summary if age verification is enabled and passed.
23. ENT-253: Fixed the Member GDPR request queue cron failure when no template named "Purchaser" was available.
24. ENT-257: Disabled accounts are no longer able to login, ensuring better security.


Usability Enhancements

Apart from bug fixes, we've also worked on enhancing the user experience. Here are some of the usability improvements you can expect:

1. ENT-190: Reports Products Filter now excludes products with a status of "Off," providing a cleaner view.
2. ENT-197: Orders>Order Items now displays the most recent order items first for better clarity.
3. ENT-194: Reports>Orders now links the order reference to the actual order for easier tracking.
4. ENT-184: Settings>Events now includes a filter for the day of the week.
5. ENT-192: Settings>Events now defaults to showing only "On" events for ease of management.
6. ENT-193: Reports now include ISO datetime, Date, Time, and Weekday columns for comprehensive reporting.
7. ENT-195: Calendar>Event Manage now shows both Participant and Purchaser information for better event management.
8. ENT-207: Admin>Settings>Orders now displays only order statuses relevant to the current site configuration.
9. ENT-217: Admin>Orders now includes a "Last Modified" column, making it easier to track recent changes.
10. ENT-188: Reports' Field list selector excludes translated columns if translations are not enabled for the site, streamlining the report creation process.
11. ENT-238: Renamed Orders>Order>Actions>Log to Order timeline for better clarity.
12. ENT-213: Billing page now lists products and events booked for each participant, aiding in accurate billing.


Additional Functionality

In addition to bug fixes and usability enhancements, we've also introduced some new functionality to improve your overall experience:

1. ENT-212: You can now use custom CSS to target the "Location" and "Resource" text on the Booking page and Billing page.
2. ENT-143: Improved security with the addition of HTTP headers X-Frame-Options: and X-Content-Type-Options: on public pages.
3. ENT-180: Added the option to set additional HTTP headers for more control and security.
4. ENT-215: Room bookings now have the option to skip taken slots when making block bookings, providing more flexibility.



We hope you're as excited as we are about the upcoming BookingLive Enterprise system upgrade to version 3.64.0. This update brings significant improvements, bug fixes, and new functionality to ensure a smooth and enjoyable booking experience for you and your customers. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out by opening a support ticket. We value your feedback and look forward to continuing to enhance your booking system in the future.

Thank you for choosing BookingLive Enterprise!