What's in Version 3.67?

Bug Fixes 🐛

We've addressed various issues to ensure a smoother and more efficient booking process:

  1. Bug: Fix SMSMessage reminder send a lot of SMS to a customers

  2. Bug: Fix Notice on Admin > Orders

  3. Bug: Fix Merge Member removing order participants

  4. Bug: Fix Aborted Orders with Payment taken

  5. Bug: Fix Suggested Participants dropdown suggests on screen participants for the same Event

  6. Bug: Fix Member anonymise preview returns 504

  7. Bug: Fix Large number of Members in Organisation breaks MyAccount Emails

  8. Bug: Fix Admin>Customers Participant not showing all Orders

  9. Bug: Fix Add allowed Products to Security Groups

  10. Bug: Fix Outlook view is throwing JS errors

  11. Bug: Fix Revert not saving pricing scheme if not changed

  12. Bug: Fix Searching MailLog fails on systems with a large number of MailLog entries

  13. Bug: Staff ID appearing in Event list

  14. Bug: MyAccount Documents fails with large number of members in organisation

  15. Bug: Jsonfeed return number instead of pricing name


Usability Enhancements 🚀

We're committed to making your experience more user-friendly:

  1. Enhancement: Update the styling of the reports

  2. Enhancement: Add a bookable URL when viewing a product group

  3. Enhancement: Update the validation messages on the Billing Page

  4. Enhancement: Admin Start Booking header message styling

  5. Enhancement: Update SagePay payment manger to use Opayo URLs

  6. Enhancement: Assigning Staff to an Event now on Main tab.

  7. Update: Remove sanitisation from display of event description on List views and fix Description creation on multi events.

  8. Update: Add Status to Resource

  9. Update: Create a Resource booking page filter

  10. Update: BookingLive.RelatingMemberEmailCannotMatchPurchaserEmail Can't be set in Language editor