John Wardle, the Director of Youngstars, runs a successful holiday camp business. He needed to improve his booking process so got in touch with us. Currently working across six venues, with more lined up, Youngstars run holiday camps for children aged three to ten. Having launched their booking system for holiday camps at the end of January, Youngstars are already noticing the benefits.


How Did you Deal with Bookings Before Your Booking System for Holiday Camps?

"We relied on a process which involved multiple emails being manually sent to and fro between ourselves and parents. We were then having to copy and paste booking details from the emails in to individual spreadsheets for each venue. As you can imagine this involved us spending a huge amount of time on admin tasks! The expansion of venues and an increase in customers also meant we weren't able to keep up with demand. "

How Do you Deal with Your Holiday Camp Bookings Now?

"The main benefit of BookingLive is the time it saves us. We're no longer spending hours taking and managing bookings. The reporting features offered by BookingLive are another huge bonus. Reports for registers are perfect. At the start of each camp we can quickly log-in to our system and simply download the day's schedule. This includes all participant's details, so staff members can see at a glance any special requirements and monitor attendance levels.

Although any sort of new change is likely to cause problems, we've barely had any parents contacting us confused about using the system. BookingLive is great for saving us and parents time."

John told us one of the reasons he chose BookingLive over other providers was because we've worked with a large amount of businesses similar to his. He could tell we knew what we were doing. If you're looking for an online booking solution but need a bit of help, feel free to get in touch with us today. Our expert team are more than happy to help you along your online booking journey.


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