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Improving Your Customers’ Booking Software Journey

November 10, 2019

Improving Your Customers’ Booking Software Journey


The booking journey your customers experience is as important to us as the experience you have, we are continually investing in the front-end of BookingLive softwareThat is why we have implemented drop-down displays during the booking software journey. These are visible during the first and second stages of the booking software journey; ‘choose items’ and ‘your basket’. This  feature is especially useful for businesses and organisations who have customers booking on to multiple products (activities / courses / classes etc.) across multiple times and dates.


Dropdown displays in item selection stage


Within the first stage of the booking software journey, customers are able to select the items they want to book on to along with the date and time they are taking place by simply clicking the dropdown arrow. Previously, all this information was displayed on the booking page, which looked very text-heavy and meant users were having to scroll down to view this information – not a very user-friendly experience. This dropdown feature is also great for purchasers who are booking on more than one participant, as it provides them with a breakdown of who is booked on to what.

It is possible to add functionality to this page, including images and FAQs. For more information about this, please get in touch.


Dropdown displays in basket stage 


Once customers have proceeded to the basket stage of the booking software journey, they are again able to view information about the products they have selected. In addition to this, they can also quickly and easily remove items from their basket by clicking on the rubbish bin icon. Similarly to the previous section, it is possible to add additional functionality to this page. This can be in the form of promo codes and FAQs. To find out more about this, contact our sales team.


These booking software journey improvements are enabling us and our clients to stay ahead of competitors, as well as mirroring high-end ecommerce journeys such as Amazon. 


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