Are you looking for a content management system to drive your web content and a booking system to manage your bookings?

If your business offers classes, courses or services to your customers, then you will want to ensure that your website can take bookings. Today’s customers are used to having everything they need at their fingertips. If they land on your website and see that they need to pick up the phone in order to make a booking, you risk them losing interest or thinking, ‘I’ll do it later’ and forgetting altogether. Customers prefer online bookings, so the easier you can make it for them, the better.

So, how do you add and manage bookings via your website? There are many providers that allow you to do this, but with the BookingLive app, you can manage website content and bookings in one centralised system.

Advantages of online booking

There are so many advantages of online booking. You’ve managed to get a potential customer on your website and they are interested in your service. Why not make it super simple for them to book an appointment there and then whilst you’ve piqued their interest?

Online booking systems such as BookingLive allow customers to see your availability, book their chosen time and pay directly via a credit card - all without leaving your website or needing to pick up the phone. It also means that it doesn’t matter what time they are on your website - be it 2pm or 2am - they will always have the ability to book an appointment.

What is a content management system?

Often abbreviated to ‘CMS’, a content management system is a piece of software that easily helps you to create, manage and modify the content on your website. With a content management system, you don’t need any technical knowledge or the ability to code. A content management system is designed to provide you with the basic infrastructure so that you can focus on how your website looks and reads. It makes adding copy, images, buttons and widgets simple.

Here are some popular content management systems that you might have heard of:

Why integrate your booking system with your content management system?

Without a content management system that allows you to integrate your booking system, your customers won’t be able to easily check your availability and make bookings. BookingLive’s preferred CMS is WordPress, arguably the most popular CMS for all kinds of websites around the world.

WordPress is feature-rich and mobile responsive, allowing your customers to experience the full benefits of BookingLive by accepting online bookings at any time of the day. By integrating your booking system with your CMS, you don’t have to manually arrange your schedules or bookings, or pay for staff to manage appointments for you. Having one centralised system can drastically improve your efficiency and increase revenue. Your customers can see exactly when you are available from within the website on any page without being redirected to another website or pop-up. They can book online immediately.

At BookingLive, we’re passionate about improving the way people interact with your business. Find out more about our online booking system and how to integrate it into your content management system by contacting our sales team today.