Content Management Booking System

Are you looking for a content management system to drive your web content and a booking system to manage your bookings?

If your business offers classes, courses or services to your customers, you will want to take bookings on your website. This can be achieved with many providers however with BookingLive you can manage website content and bookings in one centralised system.

Our preferred CMS is Silverstripe 3. Silverstripe is a mobile responsive CMS allowing your customers to experience the full benefits of BookingLive by accepting online bookings any time of the day.

For example - you run a chiropractic clinic. Isn't it convenient for you to accept appointments from patients online? This means you don’t have to manually arrange your schedules or bookings, or pay for staff to manage appointments for you. If you use wordpress, you can use our booking system wordpress plugin or alternatively you can use our CMS. Having one centralised system can drastically improve your efficiency and increase revenue. Your clients can see the date and time you are available from within the website on any page - not be redirected to another site or popup. They can book online immediately. You won’t have to miss out on bookings with the help of CMS Booking System.

BookingLive works best with Silvestripe - the only open source CMS that is certified by Microsoft.  Through the Silverstripe CMS, you can manage your website content easily. No need to study and understand complicated programming language as the CMS is feature-packed and enables you to update information on your website within a few clicks of the mouse. You can edit your contact information easily.

The CMS also features drag-and-drop widgets that allow you to make your website more engaging through information like latest news, weather, social bookmarking integration and patient testimonials. You can also take control of your booking calendar and edit contact forms when needed using the CMS. Finally, track your website’s traffic with Google Analytics and learn more about your online campaigns.  Data from Google Analytics will help you to analyse your online campaigns and how you can further improve them.

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