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Increase Memberships through your Booking Software

May 20, 2021

Whether you take memberships for your sports club, tutoring courses or spa retreats, booking software will help you elevate your business to the next level. With BookingLive, you can increase memberships by rewarding loyal customers and maximising customer engagement. BookingLive improves the booking journey and makes it easy to upsell and for customers to join your schemes. And the better the booking process, the better the customer experience.

Here, we’ll explain how to increase memberships through your booking software.


Benefits of creating online memberships 

The Enterprise level of our online booking system allows you to customise and create online memberships for your customers.

Having customer accounts, logins and registrations as part of your website will allow you to:

Set different prices based on membership status 

A main perk of being a member is receiving exclusive deals and discounts. Often, member prices are lower than non-members. With an online booking system, you can display different prices to different customers in the booking process. 

Showing this price difference could even entice non-members to join, leading to more loyal customers.

Save customer data 

When returning customers choose to book your service, there’s no need for them to repeatedly enter information like their contact and payment details. The online booking system securely stores this data and fills in the required fields if members are logged in. This feature makes the booking process more efficient and convenient for customers. 

Have an accurate customer database 

As you gain a new member, their details, booking history and preferences will be stored in an accurate customer database. Having more data can help drive business decisions such as whether to offer more time slots on a certain day or confirm if a new service will interest customers.

Give your customers options to keep informed 

Online memberships make customers feel valued and connect with your business. If a customer chooses to become a member, they’re likely already invested in your company. Memberships can feed into a lot of your marketing activity, especially email newsletters. 

Email your members list with exclusive information, deals and access to new services. With BookingLive’s integration with Mailchimp, you can design personalised emails and send them automatically based on numerous factors. For example, if a month has passed since a member’s last visit, you could send an email with a discount code to encourage them to make another booking. BookingLive can gather insights on previous booking data, so you can offer the discount code for a service you know they’ll love.


Increase memberships with BookingLive 

BookingLive is ideal for businesses looking to grow and increase their customer base. Our Enterprise system has many features and can be customised to suit your needs. You will have a dedicated account manager who can support you with your booking system during every phase.

To get started with BookingLive, book a free demo or contact us with your enquiry. We look forward to hearing from you!