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Increase Memberships through your Booking Software

May 20, 2021

Would you like to increase memberships?


By using our Booking Software to take online memberships, you can reward your customers with membership schemes that can maximise customer engagement.


BookingLive online membership booking software features allow you to customise and create online memberships.


Customer accounts, logins, and registrations as part of your website will:

  1. Reward your loyal customers by allowing them to view and edit their bookings.
  2. Make different prices available to different customers in the online membership booking process (e.g. members/ non members.)
  3. Save details so customers do not have to repeatedly enter their information (e.g. shipping address etc.)
  4. Gather customer information for a well informed, accurate customer database.
  5. Give your customers options to keep informed (e.g. with company newsletters etc.)
  6. Delivering your content in a great looking online membership booking area is key to having customers stick around, and improving your positioning in the marketplace.


You can be an elite ‘members only’ club in no time. Giving them exclusive information, deals and access to new pages. Create online memberships and it will make your customers feel privileged and will significantly increase your fan base.


The great thing about creating online memberships is that you can really monitor who your target audience is and by using additional integrations it will allow you to promote and focus on this exclusivity option.


Learn about other ways you can maximise customer engagement with our online membership booking software features HERE. 


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To find out more about our customer accounts features for increasing online membership, or any other services we offer, please give us a call on 0117 933 8632, use our online contact form or Tweet us @Bookinglive