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Course booking and scheduling software used by a range of organisations to sell spaces for online training courses, online workshops, online webinars and other types of courses.

Advanced Course Booking

  • Online booking is safe and secure
  • Manage numerous staff and facility resources, schedule training courses and more
  • Book on any device from any location around the world
  • Collect advanced registrations
  • Manage staff rosters. Staff can check-in upon arrival
  • Maximise appointment availability
  • Customers can access their account online to manage bookings and amend details
  • Waiting lists can be created if capacity is full
  • Embed the booking system within your website – including ‘book now’ widgets
  • Fully GDPR compliant

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Powerful Booking Administration

BookingLive provides simple scheduling, booking, reservation and purchasing experiences at scale. As the leading platform, trusted by central and local government departments for 10+ years, we know the score when it comes to optimising the most important citizen engagement journeys.

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Scheduling App Features

Schedule courses and manage staff

Setup and manage schedules for courses and staff, including descriptions and available hours. Publish events at set times and manage resources in one booking app.

Customised Booking Forms

Create booking forms to capture important information, such as course attendees, appointment location, special requirements and more.

Easy Calendar Management

Managing bookings couldn’t be easier, with visibility of schedule capacity, appointment history and email correspondence. Bookings can easily be modified or cancelled, and these updates can be received via SMS or email notifications.

Payments, Deposits & Invoicing

BookingLive allows you to take full or part (deposit) payments, along with issuing refunds and processing invoices. You have the option of 30+ gateways to facilitate this, including PayPal, Worldpay and Opayo (Sage Pay).

Sync Staff Calendars

Want to prevent double bookings? Calendar syncing helps you to achieve this. Two way syncing between staff calendars means you can always cross reference appointment availability within your scheduling system.

Reduce No-shows with SMS

Avoid the number of no-shows by helping your customers to retain their booking. You can automatically send email and text reminders through your scheduling system, proven to reduce no-shows by up to 70%.

Dashboard, Reports & Check-in

Comb through extensive business analytics and custom reports and manage your organisation or department more effectively. Check-in is easy for your course attendees and staff.

Multiple Integrations and Plugins

Tailor your scheduling platform to your needs with over 50 integrations to choose from. Some of our popular integrations include WordPress, MS Dynamics, Google Calendar, Salesforce and many more.

Automated Scheduled Notifications

Streamline your communications with your audience whilst letting the software do the work. BookingLive allows you to send automated messages to your customers to confirm bookings, remind them of their appointment and to capture feedback. These notifications can be sent via the booking app, email or SMS.

What Customers Say

Approved Government Suppliers

Proud suppliers to central and local government through a range of agency partners and government frameworks

G-Cloud Approved

Our online course booking software is government-approved through the G-Cloud 10 framework. This allows public sector departments to purchase our solutions with ease and confidence. We have 10+ years experience in public sector services, so our range of secure systems and services are suited to accelerate efficiency.

digital outcomes and specialist BookingLive Supplier

Digital Outcomes & Specialists Approved

Another important approval that BookingLive has received is from the Digital Outcomes and Specialist framework (DOS) RM1043. Although the DOS sits alongside other frameworks in the Digital Marketplace such as G-Cloud, it is at a higher level in due diligence and prior vetting of suppliers. DOS enables the procurement of digital teams like BookingLive, who will then implement sophisticated online booking and reservation systems.


Microsoft Approved

We at BookingLive are Microsoft approved which means that we are part of the Microsoft Prefered Supplier framework. To achieve this recognition, we proved that we could meet the highest modernised standards. These standards had an enhanced focus on expanded visibility, business goals, and the agility to adapt in order to stay relevant as needs change.

Course Booking Software Use Cases

Demo Course Booking Solutions

Tradesman Course Booking Solutions

Healthcare Course Booking Solutions

Course Administration Solutions

Rickstein booking & scheduling system

Client Success Story


The famous celebrity chef Rick Stein opened a cookery school in Padstow. Although the school mainly concentrated on specialist seafood courses, they also catered to other styles of cooking such as Spanish tapas and Indian street food in their course offering.


The cookery school wanted to introduce a new booking system to improve their customer’s booking experience. They wanted the system to meet a high standard of e-commerce customer experience. After researching various software solutions, the school was struggling to find the perfect package that met their requirements.


Finally, the school discovered us at BookingLive who transformed their processes. Read about the outcome of our partnership below.


  • The cookery school can now send customised, automated email notifications to every single customer with the click of a button on the system.
  • Rick Stein and his team can gain a deeper insight into the performance of the Padstow cookery school with automated reports. The detailed reports can gather data on orders, attendees, events, payments and more.
  • The introduction of the platform has allowed the school to take partial or full online payments and process numerous vouchers.
  • We are proud to be partnered with Rick Stein’s Padstow cookery school for over 6 years and counting.


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BookingLive scheduling and booking system

The Best Course Booking App

BookingLive is the best online course booking and scheduling software. It offers a simple and beautiful user experience, whilst still covering a comprehensive range of capabilities to cover all bases. Not only this, but security is paramount, with extremely robust data policies and practices in place. We hold accreditation by ISO 27001 – the international standard for information security, PCT compliance and Cyber essentials plus.

How we do it

Compliance & Accreditations

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