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Marketing your travel business using a tour booking system

June 5, 2021

Marketing your travel business using a specialist tour booking system.


Work with related and local businesses to market your tour business using a specialist tour booking system.


You will be enabled to increase your online marketing potential instantly with a specialist tour booking system. Marketing your business will always be about who you know and one way you can improve instantly is by connecting with other local or related businesses in either hospitality or tourism.


For example, with tours that have pick up points on route at specific key destinations, the nearby hotels and Bed and Breakfast’s can be targeted by putting a small section of code on their websites. This will link directly back to your business’s booking page or can even display live availability.


Not only does this increase sales for you, but the hotels and B&B’s will also be able to gain extra customers themselves. Your tour or activity could entice them to stay longer in the accommodation. The tour booking system allows you to both benefit in terms of sales and for marketing your travel business online.


Marketing your business online using social media tools in your tour booking system.


Partnering up with others will increase your online marketing. However, if these businesses also have Social Media, most likely they will be promoting your tours and activities as a means to increase their bookings and to fill in any gaps in their content calendars. With BookingLive’s tour booking system you will be able to integrate with any links, live availability and add ons, which you can display simply using our Facebook App. An example of this can be seen on the London Kayak Tours Facebook page; one of our previous clients.


One of the nifty ways the BookingLive specialist tour booking system can ensure an instant way of marketing your travel business is by tracking your target audience by connecting you with your customers instantly on social media. As soon as a booking is taken, your customer will be brought to a page to instantly update their Facebook and/or Twitter status. More than 8 out of 10 times they will do this- in order to boast to their mates about going on an activity or holiday!


Another valuable add on that BookingLive tour booking system can provide for marketing your travel business is with MailChimp. Our MailChimp add on can integrate with the tour booking system in order to do a whole range of things, including sending your customers booking confirmations straight into your mailing list. Using Mailchimp as a way for marketing your business effectively is a simple and straightforward way of making sure your customers are always informed about what is going on with your travel business.


Contact BookingLive on (0) 117 933 8632, Tweet us @BookingLive or online via our contact form for instant response; we’d be happy to talk about marketing your travel business using our tour booking system.