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All-in-one class management, scheduling and booking system used by educational institutions like schools and universities, sport classes like cricket, swimming classes, martial arts, gymnastics, fitness classes like Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, Personal Training, Art classes, dance workshops, cooking classes, online workshops, online webinars and events.

Advanced Class Scheduling

  • Safe & secure online booking
  • Collect registrations
  • Class and Staff Rosters with check-in upon arrival
  • Maximise schedule appointment availability
  • Use waiting lists if capacity is full
  • Delight your visitors
  • Embed within your website
  • Online customer my account
  • Fully GDPR compliant

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Powerful Booking Administration

BookingLive provides scheduling, booking, reservation and purchasing experiences at scale creating powerful personalised citizen experiences. BookingLive has been the leading platform trusted by central and local government departments for 10+ years, optimising the most important citizen engagement journeys.

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Scheduling App Features

Schedule Appointments

Setup and manage schedules for appointments and staff, including descriptions and available hours. Publish events at set times and manage resources in one booking app.

Customised Booking Forms

Within the booking app you can create booking forms to capture the information you need including attendees information, appointment location and more.

Easy Calendar Management

Manage schedule capacity and keep track of customers, appointment history and email correspondence. Easily modify and cancel bookings with email and SMS notification.

Payments, Deposits & Invoicing

Take full or part (deposit) payments, issue refunds and process invoices. Choose from 30+ gateways including Worldpay, Opayo (Sage Pay) and PayPal.

Sync Staff Calendars

Prevent double bookings with two way syncing between staff calendars and the appointment availability within the scheduling system.

Reduce No-shows with SMS

Help your clients to keep their appointment bookings by automatically sending email and text reminders. Shown to reduce no-shows by up to 70%.

Dashboard, Reports & Check-in

Comprehensive business analytics and custom reports that you need to manage your organisation or department. Easy check-in for attendees.

Multiple Integrations and Plugins

BookingLive has 50+ integrations including Salesforce, MS Dynamics, Google Calendar, Wordpress and many more.

Automated Scheduled Notifications

Send automated notifications to your customers for booking confirmations, SMS appointment reminders and capture customer feedback automatically.

What Customers Say

Client Success Story

Edinburgh Leisure procured the BookingLive booking system to allow customers to book online for activities e.g. Aqua Dash, holiday clubs, classes, educational courses and birthday parties. Through Edinburgh Leisures use of the BookingLive system they were able to achieve the following:

  • Streamline the booking process.
  • Help reduce telephone and face to face bookings.
  • Improve the rate of new bookings made online.
  • Reduce the volume of inbound phone calls.
  • Reduce administration burdens and save the organisation money.
  • Increase sales of holiday clubs, classes, and courses.
  • Robust and complete database updated in real-time
  • Reduction in data errors and human-related errors

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BookingLive scheduling and booking system

The Best Class Scheduling App

Online class scheduling system that supports private lessons, multiple attendee group classes and virtual sessions. Managed your classes to reduce no shows and provide accurate registers. Manage your staff to spend more time focussing on what you do the best. The class scheduling software has comprehensive capabilities, whilst presenting a simple and beautiful user experience. BookingLive has extremely robust data security policies and practices in place, as well as holding accreditation by ISO 27001–the international standard for information security, PCI compliance and Cyber essentials plus.

Approved Government Suppliers

Proud suppliers to central and local government through a range of agency partners and government frameworks

G-Cloud Approved

Our services and solutions are government-approved through the G-Cloud 10 framework, enabling public sector departments to purchase our solutions with ease, speed, and confidence. With over 10 years experience in public sector services, our range of secure systems and services are ideally suited to accelerate efficiency within government and the public sector organisations.

digital outcomes and specialist BookingLive Supplier

Digital Outcomes & Specialists Approved

The Digital Outcomes and Specialist framework (DOS) RM1043 sits alongside G-Cloud on the Digital Marketplace. The DOS framework is the next level up in due diligence and prior vetting of suppliers. Enabling the procurement of digital teams such as BookingLive, often alongside in-house delivery teams, to deliver online scheduling, booking and reservation style systems.


Microsoft Approved

The Microsoft Preferred Supplier framework is designed to enable faster procurement within Microsoft. Ensuring the highest standards of due diligence are completed on selected suppliers to meet modernized standards with enhanced focus on business goals, expanded visibility, and the agility to adapt for ongoing relevancy as the business needs change.

Class Scheduling Software Use Cases

NHS Class Booking System

Virtual Class Booking System

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