When you take online bookings for your course or class, you need technology that automatically bills and invoices your customers, providing seamless integration between your booking and accounting software.

With so many business operations now online, endless logins, URLs, and installations can confuse, annoy, and cause mistakes, proving almost as ineffective as paper-based accounting.

We’ll explain how combining accounting with your online booking system will increase your business efficiencies.

How accounting with your online booking software works 

With our online booking software, you can easily integrate invoicing, billing and accounting add-ons to coordinate your accounting tools such as Xero, Sage50 or Quickbooks with your online bookings, payments, accounts, and reflective reports.

Business processes that benefit from the integration 

Accounting with online booking software helps with the day to day management of your business. Some particular actions that you can benefit from with the integration include:

  • Ensure that bookings are invoiced before the scheduled course/class

  • Management of outstanding payments for bookings

  • Your team can monitor payments on their class bookings, allowing them to see the profitability of each class type

Why should you integrate accounting with your online booking software? 

Using separate systems for different business activities can be unavoidable. Right now, you may operate with at least three - an online booking system, accounting software, and your website. Not to mention social media management accounts and marketing tools like MailChimp - the list goes on. 

If these systems can’t talk to each other, the accuracy of your data will suffer and efficiency will slow. When you enter information manually on multiple systems, mistakes such as double data entry can creep in, or you may miss an invoice to a customer. Making too many errors will have a knock-on effect on your business's reputation and sales may slump.

Integrating accounting with your online booking software means that all of this can be automated for you - saving precious time and eliminating errors. You can also access detailed reports that include information on sales and popular booking types with the click of a button. Again, gathering and presenting this data manually would take much longer.

Overall, using the booking and accounting software together will improve your services, eliminate multiple software problems, and keep your mind at rest. 

How to connect your accounting tool to your booking software 

You can integrate your accounting tool with BookingLive using Zapier. This way, the two systems can communicate with each other in real-time. Track various events such as new bookings and purchases and set corresponding triggers. We have illustrated some examples of what the integration can do…


Whenever a new customer is created in the BookingLive system, a new contact will be created in Xero. This saves you manually inputting data on both systems and data will be updated automatically.

As a customer books their appointment, class or activity through BookingLive, a trigger will be set off. This communicates to Xero that a new purchase has been made. The information about the booking will be added to the contact’s profile.

As an accounting integration, Xero is great at handling invoices automatically. When a new booking is made using the BookingLive system, it instructs Xero to create a sales invoice, including all the details you need about the transaction.

The integrations don’t have to end there. With Zapier, you can integrate your BookingLive system with over 3,000 web applications - so many operations can be automated for you! Our top picks for course and class providers are Groupon, Google Maps and Salesforce

Discover accounting with BookingLive today

To read more, check out our blog on the Xero booking system. If you’d like to see how accounting with your online booking software can work for you, book a demo today. Our team is on hand to offer the best solution for your needs, give us a call on 0800 1310 342 or email sales@bookinglive.com.