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The Best Free Scheduling Apps

August 10, 2021

The Best Free Scheduling Apps


How much time have you spent today answering emails and taking calls that could have been automated with a tool that allows users to book, schedule, cancel, rebook and pay online?

Free scheduling apps and booking systems can automate and process your administration and sales without relying on multiple emails, phone calls and numerous needless customer interactions.


The Best Free Scheduling Apps


What other benefits are there to using a free scheduling app?

Well firstly, reducing your sales cycle and user interaction number, improving ROI in time and spend at the top of your funnel like this is just one of the benefits of utilising a scheduling app. For busy entrepreneurs, business owners and those managing activities, courses, classes, tours, events, memberships and other admin heavy communication management tasks, free scheduling apps provide you with round the clock peace of mind. Scheduling apps also reduce administrative burdens and improve the access to your services for end-users.


Providing 24/7 access may not seem like a huge step-change for your business, but for the end-user who simply doesn’t have time to contact you in working hours, completing a booking or amending an existing booking on the commute on the way home, or finally getting to those tasks once the kids have gone to bed, or once they get home from their night shift, is super powerful, access to 24/7 scheduling on any device provides booking equality across lifestyles.


Discover The Best Free Scheduling Apps


Here are 3 initial ways to sense check if a scheduling app will benefit you and your organisation:

1. Does this tool reduce the volume of emails I would normally send?
2. Does this tool integrate with the systems I already use?
3. Does this tool have automation to increase attendance rates?


Let’s dive into a review of the top 3 best Free Scheduling Apps available on the market.



Top 3 Free Scheduling Apps


1. BookingLive

Price: Free


BookingLive’s free scheduling app supports thousands of businesses across 74+ countries with award-winning mobile-first online scheduling app tools. This free scheduling app is more feature-rich than the other free scheduling apps on the market and it is the most integrated system available with over 3000+ integrations available. These integrations mean that you can connect your free scheduling app to all of the systems and tools you use within your organisation already, ensuring that you get the most out of the automation and time-saving workflows available.

BookingLive free scheduling app

Once you have claimed your account and created a login, you then choose the type of scheduling you wish to do. This system can be used for, activities, meetings, events, appointments, courses and classes, attractions and much more. Once you have chosen the type of scheduling you wish to do the scheduling app will then prepopulate with example products and data to help get you started. You are then guided step by step through the simple 5 min setup where you can set up items (bookable products), set varying availability by time and date, allocate a price point if you want to charge for your scheduled activity, and then have your bookable items live and ready for customers to purchase 24/7 on any device via a live booking page, which can also be embedded within your emails, websites etc.


If you want to take payments through BookingLive’s free scheduling app it is partnered with Stripe to provide the best in market transaction fees charged pay as you go at 2.4% and 40p per purchase. This is the No.1 best free scheduling app, due to its reporting, integrations, simple and intuitive user experiences, price point, and the ability to use it for far more than just simple meeting and appointment bookings, future-proofing the tool for future use cases.


2. HubSpot Meetings Tool

Price: Free


The HubSpot Meetings Tool allows the syncing of Office 365 calendar and Google Calendar. You can input and set your availability, then show that availability live to your customers, users, co-workers etc so that they can book a meeting or appointment directly with you, without the back and forth of “Does this date work for you?” “No, how about this date.” etc. You are able to capture some basic information such as name, phone number and email address. You get a URL landing page for your booking page that you can share, embed into emails and websites.

HubSpot Meetings Tool

Due to the integration with your normal calendar, when a booking is made through this scheduling app, the allocated time is automatically taken off your bookable calendar availability. If you are already using Hubspot as a CRM tool then this is a great plugin for simple basic appointments and meetings.


3. Calendly

Price: Free (Personal Account). Paid $8 per user/month, $12 per user/month.


Calendly’s free version of their scheduling app will give you one integration into a calendar such as Google calendar or Outlook etc, book unlimited meetings, create a custom Calendly link, and send out automated notifications to our users. Calendly is simple and intuitive but is limited in its features and abilities. For example, unlike the BookingLive free scheduling app, you cannot charge for your appointments or sessions.

calendly scheduling app

The paid version of Calendly gives you access to different kinds of meeting booking such as one-on-one, round-robin, collective, and group meetings. It’s great for simple one on one meetings and for automating that internal meeting, rather than going through the back and forth of discovering availability and finally making the booking.


Getting Started


Now that you have an overview understanding of the best free scheduling apps available, the next step is to actually get started and set up your very own scheduling automation app. Scheduling apps are only as good as how you use them, so be sure to utilise the resources and guides available, and don’t be shy about exploring the integrations or checking out current customers before you take the leap. Systems like BookingLive’s free scheduling app have chatbot support built into the product with a team on the other end to support you as you need it, sometimes having that friendly person on the other side can really help with some of the more complex implementations. But 99% of the time, with simple 5 min onboarding and set up you will have the system set up in no time and be left wondering why you didn’t do this earlier!


The Best Free Scheduling Apps