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BookingLive Webinars: Everything you need to know

June 8, 2022

Everything you need to know about BookingLive webinars


Our Senior Sales Executive, Robb Webb, hosts webinars of the BookingLive system every Tuesdays and Thursday. Hosted via Zoom, these webinars are always completely free with no obligation to progress with a system, but give a great overview of BookingLive’s features, functionality and pricing structure. 


If you want to find out more about Robb, check out this blog. 


Firstly, Robb gives a little insight and background on BookingLive as a business, from the company launch in 2010 to present day. He talks about who we are, what we do and touches on a few of the Enterprise-level customers we support; including TFL, London Borough of Havering Council, NHS Digital, Rick Stein Cookery School, Wacky Warehouse, Capita – to name a few! 


Key features

Then, he moves on to key functionality of BookingLive’s Enterprise level system. These features include customisable reports, an inbuilt content management system, unlimited training from a Customer Success Manager, the customer MyAccount, SMS notifications and a number of integrations that can seamlessly link with your BookingLive booking system. 

Robb then gives a high level overview of pricing, not only for transparency but because our pricing is slightly different to competitors. There are no setup or monthly fees, just the annual site licence cost with certain modules on top if necessary or desired. Find a breakdown of our pricing here.  


The customer’s booking journey

Robb then runs through our signature 5 step booking journey, giving you an idea of how your customers will utilise your booking system:  

  • Step 1: Your customer will choose their bookable items and view the booking availability with a comprehensive calendar view – you can then boost your revenue by adding upsells at this point; be it merchandise, course equipment or even a free treat! 
  • Step 2: The customer views their basket – as BookingLive offers a basket functionality, this means the customer can continue shopping if they wish; to add further bookable items to the basket, there is a customisable timer to secure their bookable item before purchase. When your customer proceeds with purchase, you can implement automated discounts, promo codes or discount codes!
  • Step 3: Customer details – arguably the most important step. For first time customers, an email address will be entered to be able to continue, capturing that all important identifier and contact information. Returning customers will have a password that they created at the very first booking and BookingLive will save and auto fill their data. At this point, your customer will complete a fully customisable booking form to capture all of the information necessary for your business, alongside T&Cs and contact preferences. 
  • Step 4: Booking summary – your customer will select how they would like to pay, and proceed with one of 30 secure booking gateways available through BookingLive. 
  • Step 5: Booking confirmation – the customer can view their order summary and booking ID, once confirmed a customisable confirmation email will be automatically triggered and sent to the customers pre-selected email address. All SMS notifications and follow up messages are completely customisable, giving you the opportunity to reflect your brand messaging and tone the entire way through the booking journey. 

There is a customisable FAQ section available at every step of the booking process, meaning you can reduce admin time by answering regular calls and queries you may receive.


Your admin system

Then, it’s time to move on to BookingLive’s admin system, and how you would use it to manage your business’ bookings on day to day basis: 

  • A full list of your live bookable items, should you need or want to book on behalf of customers
  • A dashboard to provide a detailed visual overview of how your bookings are performing – you could utilise this to to track business goals, KPIs, popular courses or events, peak days and times or just to give an idea of overall business performance
  • The BookingLive page editor – our streamlined CMS, to give you full access and creative control of your own booking system
  • Fully customisable reports – view and export your attendees, events, payments and outstanding balances 
  • Calendar management – daily, weekly, monthly calendar views with search functionality. This is commonly used to manage events, staff rotas, manual customer check ins, waiting lists and to send customers certificates.

This is an extensive admin system but there’s no need to be worried – at BookingLive, we build your booking system for you, populate it with your information, brand the system to your preferences and teach you how to use it to the best of its ability. As mentioned above, with our Enterprise solution you receive free, unlimited training from a Customer Success Manager, meaning you can get the most out of your booking system and possibly eliminate some of your existing systems whilst we do so!


That’s a wrap!

That wraps up the 30 – 45 minute demo, and there is chat functionality within the Zoom webinar for you to ask Robb any questions or dive further into certain aspects of the system. There is no obligation to proceed with a BookingLive system from attending this demo, but any feedback as to why the system wouldn’t be the right fit would be highly appreciated as we move forward as a business and continuously work to improve BookingLive. 


To take a little look at this overview ahead of the demo, Robb has put together a video running through our signature 5 step booking journey, take a look here: 


Are you a small business owner? 


We are supporting thousands of business owners across 80+ countries with online booking automation. You can set up your products and services in under 5 mins and have your bookable items live and ready for customers to purchase 24/7, on any device, from anywhere. If you want to take payments through your online booking  and scheduling system a small percentage is charged per sale made. Find out more about our tiered pricing structure here, ensuring you get the best possible value for your booking volume.

This flexible risk-free solution provides small business owners with an industry-leading customer experience, automation of administration tasks, and secure payment handling. Make time for the things that matter with BookingLive.