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The Purpose of an Online Booking System

September 29, 2021

The Purpose of an Online Booking System


The purpose of an online booking system is to allow potential customers to self-book and pay through your website, securely store customer’s data, manage your staff and keep your business running long after you’ve gone home for the day. And that just scratches the surface. An online booking system is so much more than just a piece of software that reserves an appointment with your business.



Here are the purposes that we are going to cover off in detail within this article:

  • Keep your business running 24/7
  • Security 
  • Relieve your employees 
  • Customer experience
  • Organisation 
  • Preventing no-shows 
  • Connect with other systems 


Your business is open 24/7


Your customers can make bookings at a time that suits them. They don’t have to worry about making time to call you between 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday. The purpose of an online booking system for customers means convenience, equity of access and a better customer experience.


Customer information is secure 


There’s no need to store names and numbers in a spreadsheet or a notebook. Your customer’s valuable information is safe and secure. This reduces any risk of GDPR breaches or leaking information to untrustworthy sources. 


Reduces employee workload


Your employees no longer need to spend their time taking customer bookings. This means they’ve got more time to provide your customers with an unforgettable experience or service! You can also allow your customers to fill out any forms ahead of time, such as attendee or waivers – which means… 


A better experience for your customers 


As long as you put enough information about the services you offer on your website, of course! Allowing customers to view all of their options online before booking a service without having to speak to someone over the phone, will minimise confusion and allow them to be sure of their decision. You will be eliminating any communication errors, providing a smooth and professional booking experience. This is essentially the first impression your business will make. 


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Helps you stay organized


BookingLive’s admin systems will allow you to view daily calendars, manage staff and also let you view how many spaces are left on a certain course or class. You can streamline a number of internal processes alongside the booking and customer information. 


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Prevents cancellations and no-shows


We also allow you to send automatic emails and SMS reminders to send to your customers in the run up to their appointment. This massively reduces the chance of no-shows. If your customer does need to cancel, they’ll have plenty of opportunities to contact you ahead of time. 

Connects to other systems 


Our built-in integrations are here to make your working day easier, with everything from Google Calendar, Trello, Zoom and over 3,000 more integrations through Zapier. Your booking system will also be seamlessly linked with a payment gateway and although we do not manage your customer’s money, you will be able to monitor all purchases on your admin dashboard in your BookingLive system. 


So, there you have it, an online booking system has so much more to offer than just a simple piece of reservation technology. It can be an imperative part of your business’s functionality and success. 


BookingLive: The Purpose of an Online Booking System – Get started today


With a free booking system of your own you can set up your products and services in under 5 mins and have your bookable items live and ready for customers to purchase 24/7 on any device from anywhere. If you want to take payments through your online booking & scheduling system it is charged PAYG meaning that a small percentage is charged per sale made.


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