BookingLive systems are so much more than online booking software. Our systems combine expert booking features with professional integrations so you can manage your business and your bookings. That's why we've teamed up with Xero, online accounting software providers. Xero connects your accounts to the rest of your business, just like BookingLive connects your bookings to the rest of your business. Read on to find out more about the online accounting software.


Why's it so special?

With Xero you can instantly send invoices, check up-to-date financial information and track sales all from one place. The online accounting software even enables you to allow users, such as bookkeepers, to log-in remotely so they can look over your accounts. All of this is possible as Xero runs by connecting to the cloud which in turn saves a great deal of time and expense.


Think switching online accounting software sounds too much like hard work?

Think again, with Xero you can convert to their software from Sage... for free! Xero work with Movemybooks to seamlessly transfer your online accounting information. (Those in the know at Xero have even said a QuickBooks conversion tool is under-way.).

You might've guessed by now that we're pretty excited about Xero's online accounting expertise. That's mainly because we use it ourselves here at BookingLive and it's the best online accounting software we've used yet! If you want to find out more about Xero visit their website. Make sure you check out all the integrations, addons and plugins that are available to BookingLive users which include our very own Facebook app. Do get in touch if there are any other integrations you'd like to see on your online booking system, we'd love to hear from you!