What is SaaS Booking Software?

Software as a Service or SaaS is any program that is hosted by a service provider and offered to customers online.  In simple terms, the software is rented by users online instead of purchasing and installing the program on their computers. BookingLive, a SaaS booking software, requires users to use a web browser to access, edit and save their files.

Our SaaS booking software is simple, cost-effective and the main reason why many businesses and individuals choose to use BookingLive. Any business can benefit from our Saas booking software via a web-enabled computer or even a smartphone. Instead of purchasing expensive bespoke booking software for reservations, payment processing and other business requirements, simply sign up online and pay for the SaaS booking software on a monthly basis.

One of the more reputable, long-standing Saas booking software in the market today is BookingLive. The software helps businesses improve their online sales and efficiency through its different business management tools and modules. Customers can have their website and booking system set up in minutes using the wizard. UK based, BookingLive is managed by a team of more than 30 years combined experience.

The SaaS Booking Software is hosted on dedicated servers with rackspace, ensuring uptime is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Technical support is also made available to enterprise clients during and after the booking software development.

To find out more, please contact BookingLive today.