Software as a Service or SaaS is any program that is hosted by a service provider and offered to customers online. In simple terms, the software is rented by users online instead of purchasing and installing the program on their computers. BookingLive is a SaaS booking software that requires users to use a web browser to access, edit and save their files.

BookingLive’s SaaS booking software is hosted on dedicated servers with Rackspace, ensuring uptime is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Technical support is also made available to enterprise clients during and after the booking software development.

Benefits of SaaS Booking Software 

There are numerous benefits of opting for SaaS booking software over an in-house system. The software is so easy to use that you won’t need a dedicated IT department to monitor its performance. We’ll talk you through the top 3 reasons why you should choose SaaS booking software.


Our SaaS booking software is simple, cost-effective and the main reason why many businesses and individuals choose to use BookingLive. Any business can benefit from our Saas booking software via your desktop, tablet or smartphone. Instead of purchasing expensive bespoke booking software for reservations, payment processing and other business requirements, simply sign up online and pay for the SaaS booking software monthly. 

We also offer a free solution for small businesses. If you wish to take payments for your bookings, this works on a PAYG basis through Stripe. So you only pay when you make a sale!

Scalability and integration 

The Saas booking software from BookingLive helps businesses improve their online sales and efficiency through its different business management tools and modules. Customers can have their website and booking system set up in minutes using the wizard.

You can scale your SaaS booking software to suit your individual needs. Unlike the traditional model, there’s no need to buy additional software. With a wealth of integrations to choose from, the possibilities are endless. BookingLive can integrate with your WordPress website, social media profiles such as Facebook and Instagram, your calendar and more. However you wish to take payments for your bookings, there will be an integration to suit you, including Stripe, PayPal and WorldPay.

Easy to upgrade 

When you use SaaS booking software, your business doesn’t need to update and maintain any hardware. BookingLive’s solution features regular upgrades as new technologies are released, so the application will always perform at its best, and you don’t need to lift a finger.


Discover BookingLive’s SaaS Booking Software 

We offer online booking software for organisations big and small, spanning a range of industries, from education providers and government institutions to dental clinics and beauty salons. With the option of our free scheduling software or paid enterprise solution, you can choose the best system to suit your business needs. Why not read some of our case studies to see the impact of our SaaS booking software for yourself.

To find out more about our Saas booking software solution, contact BookingLive today. Alternatively, you can book a demo, email us at or call the team on 0800 1310 342.