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Online Event Booking Software trusted by central government, local authorities and councils to sell event spaces and tickets. The many benefits of our events booking system include reduced administration time and improved customer experience – we offer virtual queuing for traffic spikes.

Sell Tickets Easily


  • Booking online is safe and secure
  • Produce PDF tickets
  • Check-in to the event upon arrival is simple
  • Maximise the availability of event tickets
  • Virtual queuing for traffic spikes
  • Satisfy your event attendees
  • Mobile-first bookings are easy to use
  • Your audience can manage their event booking using the customer app
  • Fully GDPR compliant


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Powerful Booking Administration


BookingLive provides scheduling, booking, reservation and purchasing experiences for online events. Our solution is designed to create personalised customer experiences at scale. As the leading platform trusted by central and local government departments for over 10 years, we know exactly how to optimise the most important citizen engagement journeys.

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Why should I use booking systems for events?


There are many benefits of using booking systems for events, and online bookings are the future. With the use of mobile overtaking desktops, more users are turning to their smartphones to research events and buy tickets. With this booking app, people can purchase event tickets 24/7 from any location. This gives you the chance to boost sales and revenue.

Let the event booking system do all of the hard work. The software will automatically update in real-time so that you can keep track of the number of event tickets that you have sold, and how many available slots are left. In addition, the online booking app can be linked with a CRM, so that you can analyse data and trends with ease.

To find out more about the benefits of our online event booking software, visit our blog.

Event booking system features

Schedule events

Setup and manage events with our online event booking software. Publish events at set times – including the event description, location, and price. Manage your resources and staff availability all in one booking app.

Customised Event Booking Forms

Within the event booking system, you can create booking forms to capture the information you need. This includes attendees’ information, the event location and more.

Easy Calendar Management

Manage the capacity of your event facility, track customer bookings, their event booking history and email correspondence. Use automated SMS and email notifications to amend bookings with ease.

Payments, Deposits & Invoicing

Take full or part (deposit) payments from attendees, issue refunds and process your invoices via 30+ gateways including Worldpay, Opayo (Sage Pay), PayPal and more.

Sync Staff Calendars

Avoid double booking with the calendar syncing feature. Within the software, you can sync event ticket availability with staff calendars.

Reduce No-shows with SMS

You don’t want your customers to miss out on the fun of the event. Make sure that you can welcome every visitor that has booked with automated reminders. The system will send email and text reminders, proven to reduce no-shows by up to 70%.

Dashboard, Reports & Check-in

Create and utilise comprehensive custom reports to help you better manage your business. Easy check-in for attendees.

Multiple Integrations and Plugins

Enjoy 50+ integrations on your BookingLive platform, such as WordPress, Quickbooks, Joomla and Salesforce to name a few.

Automated Scheduled Notifications

Send automated notifications to your attendees for booking confirmations, SMS event reminders and feedback.

What Customers Say

Compliance & Accreditations

Event Booking System App For Any Ticketed Event

Client Success Story


Microsoft procured a white-labelled event booking system from BookingLive. Through this implementation of our system Microsoft was able to increase event bookings by over 400%, whilst meeting all of the security, GDPR and compliance standards necessary, becoming a Microsoft preferred supplier.


“Before discovering BookingLive it was extremely hard for us to compliantly manage bookings for events, socials and meetups.  BookingLive has taken all that pain away from this process by providing a fully scalable, bespoke, GDPR compliant, online booking solution. The BookingLive team are very professional and they ensured that the end-to-end process of procurement-to-live ran smoothly and that all deadlines were met. I would thoroughly recommend the product and team to any organisation looking for a booking solution”

Johnny Gorman – Head of Operations for the Microsoft for Startups Western Europe Programme

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BookingLive scheduling and booking system

The Best Event Booking App


BookingLive have helped and continue to help thousands of companies launch and maintain successful event booking systems to make their event admin a success. With support on integrations, payments and excellent customer service, we are here to help you whenever you need it.

BookingLive is safe and secure, with accreditation by ISO 2700 – the internal standard for information security, PCI compliance and Cyber essentials plus.

Approved Government Suppliers

We at BookingLive are delighted to supply central and local government with our booking solutions. Our services have been approved by a range of government frameworks.

G-Cloud Approved

Our extensive software solutions and services have been government-approved through the G-Cloud 10 framework. This means that organisations in the public sector can purchase our offering with confidence. Our experienced team delivers secure systems that accelerate the efficiency of operations within the public sector.

digital outcomes and specialist BookingLive Supplier

Digital Outcomes & Specialists Approved

BookingLive’s services have received approval from the Digital Outcomes and Specialist framework (DOS) RM1043. Alongside other frameworks in the Digital Marketplace such as G-Cloud, the DOS is at a high level in due diligence and prior vetting of suppliers. DOS allows digital teams like us at BookingLive to implement sophisticated online booking and reservation systems for customers.


Microsoft Approved

Our booking solutions are Microsoft approved therefore BookingLive is part of the Microsoft Preferred Supplier framework. In order to achieve this status, we met the highest modernised standards. These standards focus on business goals, expanded visibility and the agility to adapt in order to stay relevant as business needs change.

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Event Booking System

Event Booking Administration System

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