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The Power of a Successful Configuration Workshop

June 2, 2021

The Power of a Successful Configuration Workshop


You’ve taken the plunge and signed on the dotted line with a new booking system provider; here’s what happens next and why a configuration workshop is imperative for the success of your online booking system. 

With an “off the shelf” system of any kind, there’s always a concern that it won’t be able to accommodate the little quirks and anomalies of your company processes. This is where a configuration workshop comes in: you will sit with a Customer Success Manager and talk through your company processes, priorities and your vision for a booking and scheduling automation system. 


Configuration workshop overview:

  • What is a BookingLive Customer Success Manager?
  • What is a configuration workshop?
  • What is covered in a configuration workshop? 
  • How long will it take? 
  • Why is it necessary? 
  • How do we get the most out of their configuration workshop?

I talk with a BookingLive Customer Success Manager and cover the basics of what a configuration workshop entails, why they are so important, and how you can get the most out of yours.


Firstly, what is a BookingLive Customer Success Manager? 

A Customer Success Manager is a BookingLive employee that will take care of you from the moment you sign your contract with us. They are responsible for the delivery of your Enterprise solution, providing all project support and training requirements. 

Their aim is to scope and define creative and effective solutions for your requirements, understanding and resolving your pain points.

Your Customer Success Manager will represent you internally within BookingLive, coordinating and liaising with other teams to resolve queries, deliver and complete projects, plan items into Sprints and address any ongoing service needs. 

In layman’s terms, what is a configuration workshop? 

A configuration workshop is held when a Customer Success Manager meets with a new client to gather information and discuss their requirements; covering all information and specifications that a client would want in their booking system, discuss the foundations and ultimately give the Customer Success team a jumping off point to begin creating their ideal booking system setup.


What is covered in a configuration workshop? 

We want to understand how the client currently works and also ascertain what their end goal is. So we will ask: why do you want a booking system? What aspect of your current booking process do you want to improve? For example, if a spreadsheet is currently used to gather information, the client is likely getting a booking system to relieve admin labour and eliminate manual error, ensure all booking information is in one location and therefore easier to manage.


How long will a configuration workshop take? 

Typically they last at least an hour, with follow up sessions as necessary – this is all down to the client’s wants and needs.


Why is a configuration workshop necessary? 

Internally, it’s necessary because the system is so complex and there’s numerous different setup options to each feature – we want to ensure each feature setup is as relevant as possible to our client’s needs. We want to know which aspects of our system you love, and which are maybe not so necessary. We will always try to brand match the look and feel of your website as closely as we can, so instruction from our clients on the aesthetics is vital. 

We also like to show our clients the BookingLive approach and methodology to using the system.


How can our clients get the most out of their configuration workshop?

We love it when our client’s explain why they want a system; what sticking points they currently have with their current system, or their way of operation? What’s the aim of implementing a booking system? Is it to ensure the customer journey is as fluid and enjoyable as possible, or will it be in place for your staff, to reduce their admin time? Explain where it is best for us to put our focus when setting up your system.


As you can see, this isn’t as simple and straightforward as driving a new car out of the showroom. 

However, with the ongoing support and consistent communication from our Customer Success team, you can take an off the shelf system and tailor it to fit the quirks and anomalies of your company requirements, without paying the fees for a bespoke solution.


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