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How BookingLive are Supporting Industries in the UK

December 6, 2021

BookingLive supports over 1600 businesses all over the world with their online booking systems. Whilst an impressive number that we’re incredibly proud of, that doesn’t really give you much to go off, does it? 


In this article we break down specific industries in the UK specifically that we support with all of their business scheduling automation needs. 


1. Small Businesses
2. Supporting the NHS
3. Retail
4. Local Government
5. Training providers


Still weighing up your options when it comes to booking software? Check out this blog on what to look for in an online booking system.



1. Small businesses 


Ok, so I’m a hypocrite and the very start of this list is admittedly pretty vague. However, we are so proud of supporting small businesses and we know the value they hold, so I’m keen not to put them all under the same umbrella. From our high streets, small independents and charity organisations, here’s a list of small business industries that are currently using our PAYG platform: 


  • Martial arts and self defence classes 
  • Salons
  • Language lessons 
  • Training courses for electricians 
  • Children’s indoor play area
  • Dog training, day care and walking services
  • Charities 
  • Dance classes 
  • Water sports activities 
  • Appointment management for a small Accountants 


2. Supporting the NHS 


NHS Digital has partnered with BookingLive to manage scheduling solutions across all of the NHS for internal training courses for providers, nurses and practitioners within the service. We are honoured to be supporting the NHS in this way. 

You can take a look at NHS Digital’s booking journey here. 


We also support an educational provider, E-ACT, who provide childcare to ensure that NHS England staff and key workers can continue to do the amazing work they are tasked with. We provide mobile-first booking experiences so that the key workers can book their children into a location on any device, 24/7, from any location. This allows the school and childcare providers to better manage their staffing, resources, room allocations etc.

We spoke to E-ACT’s PE Coordinator who has been using BookingLive for 5 years.


3. Retail 


Initially, as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we added a few extra functionalities to make our system the perfect retail solution to ease the high street back to normality. Our small business solution gives you a key tool to ensure you do not go above recommended instore capacity, ensure social distancing is adhered to and also manage staff rotas. We know the importance small businesses hold to our economic recovery and we’re proud to support small independents on our high street. 

Check out our retail appointment scheduling guide here for more information and government guidance. 

For more information on how online appointment scheduling will ease the high street back to normality, check out this blog. 


4. Local Government 


Cambridgeshire County Council uses BookingLive to provide household recycling services for County residents. Initially as a response to Covid-19 to protect residents and staff, the success of the booking and scheduling automation process quickly led to its extension to two further sites, and is now an integral part of the council’s day-to-day functionality. 


The Council has been able to substantially scale back traffic management operations, leading to a considerable financial saving and a huge reduction in waiting times for site users (from typically up to an hour to less than 5 minutes!) 


Check out Cambridgeshire County Council and other case studies here. 



5. Training Providers 


Courses and classes are our metaphorical “bread and butter” which makes it all the more satisfying using these clients as an example for training providers we support across the UK. 

We are powering cookery courses and classes across the country – including The Rick Stein Group, Gordon Ramsay Academy, Leiths School of Food and Wine and The Grand York which cover almost every corner of the country! If none of those locations are close enough to you, some of these organisations also offer online courses, made possible with our Zoom integration.

We’re here to help


Hopefully this gives you a little insight into the types of businesses in the UK we support here at BookingLive. If you’d like to find out if we can support you – a solutions specialist is always happy to help. You can contact us here or live chat on our website.


Alternatively, we have a YouTube tutorial of our system setup that will give you a little more insight of the system itself that may clear up a few questions before speaking to us! 


Don’t forget – our small business solution can be used globally, so if you’re organisation isn’t based in the UK – we can still help!


BookingLive: Get Started With Online Scheduling & Booking Automation for SMBs


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This flexible risk-free solution provides small business owners with an industry-leading customer experience, automation of administration tasks and secure payment handling. 




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