NHS Booking System: How the NHS benefited


The UK National Health System (NHS) has moved away from the traditional paper-based appointment system. Implementing an online booking system, the NHS has empowered its patients and staff with an easier and more convenient way of scheduling appointments and making bookings. With a web-based booking tool, patients can book an appointment 24.7 any time, any where.


The NHS has steadily been incorporating web-based booking systems as part of its efforts to improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. It has partnered with BookingLive, a leading online booking system, for a booking program for its courses. The partnership has produced creditable results for the Croydon Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre which offers the said courses.


The booking system developed for the centre has numerous impressive features. Those who would like to take up a course can first view available courses by selecting the appropriate area from the menu. There is an integrated calendar in the Croydon Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre website which guests can refer to when viewing available dates of the courses. Once they have selected a schedule they can reserve a course, enter their details and pay for it via worldpay. The last part is the confirmation of the NHS booking system that the booking has been successfully made. There is also a frequently-asked question section that users can refer to when confused about the booking system.

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