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Scheduling Software for Fitness Classes

August 23, 2021

Whether you’re a leisure centre or going it alone as a personal trainer, organising your fitness class bookings can be a tough task. As fitness enthusiasts, you’ll want to spend more time planning and developing your fitness class rather than worrying about admin. Scheduling software can take these tedious tasks out of your hands. Here’s how scheduling software for fitness classes  can transform your business.



What is fitness class booking software?


To run a successful fitness centre, you need to effectively track the dates and times of your fitness classes, as well as the number of attendees and the availability of your instructors – not to mention any room booking fees! Although there’s a lot to think about, a class booking software can manage all of these details for you.


Scheduling software for fitness classes


From aqua aerobics to spin classes, to one-to-one boxing sessions, fitness class booking software will help you to manage every aspect of your operations. Customers can browse your website, select the fitness class they want to attend, check availability, book and pay for their class – all in a few clicks! They can do this anytime, anywhere, so wave goodbye to your reception desk telephone; your staff should no longer be interrupted with enquiries – allowing them to focus on other responsibilities.


With scheduling software for fitness classes, you can view and manage every single booking. BookingLive’s scheduling software allows you to run reports to work out the most popular fitness classes, and spot opportunities for new classes.


Due to the pandemic, the fitness industry has faced many challenges, with many centres struggling to remain open. When you adopt a booking software, you can structure your fitness classes more effectively to make the best use of your resources and boost profits. It’s a win, win.


Scheduling software for fitness classes


Who benefits from fitness class booking software?


Fitness class booking software is the perfect solution for a range of sectors within the fitness industry such as:


  • Gyms
  • Leisure centres
  • Personal trainers
  • Boxing studios
  • Yoga and pilates centres
  • Dance and Zumba studios
  • Martial arts academy
  • Gymnastics centre
  • Indoor and outdoor golf ranges
  • Boot camps


Scheduling software for fitness classes


The advantages of fitness class scheduling software


Scheduling software will completely change your business processes for the better. We’ll fill you in on the benefits of fitness class booking software.



Mitigate double bookings

Have you ever had two people show up for a personal training session? It’s an awkward situation that can easily be avoided. When you use a booking software, the availability of your classes will automatically update in real-time so you no longer have to worry about these mishaps.


Reduce no-shows

The scheduling software will automatically send booking confirmation to your customers. They will also receive email and SMS reminders to make sure that they show up to their class on time.


Move with the times

Mobile devices generated 55.77% of global website traffic in July 2021. More and more people are turning to their smartphones for everything. If customers can browse your fitness class offering, why do they have to wait for the reception desk to open to book it? Don’t fall behind and use scheduling software so that your audience can book anytime, anywhere. Not only will this improve their online experience, but it should also result in an increase in sales.


Boost profits

Make wise business decisions using the real-time data from your booking software. With all the data you could ever need at your fingertips, you can run reports to spot new opportunities. Find out which type of fitness class is the most popular, and at what time of day customers prefer to work out. On the flip side, see if there are any classes that are underperforming and so can be slashed from your schedule.


Scheduling software for fitness classes


Social media integration


BookingLive’s social media integrations are particularly useful for the fitness industry. People love to join communities on Facebook to share their fitness tips as well as sharing their experiences of your fitness classes.


Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool for your business – and it’s free! When you integrate your booking software with Facebook, customers can book their fitness class instantly. Giving your audience the option to book via Facebook puts you at the forefront of their minds, maximising your sales opportunities and exposure.


Scheduling software for fitness classes


Free fitness class booking system


Here at BookingLive, we offer fitness class booking software for all types of businesses – both big and small. If you are a smaller business or a personal trainer, our free fitness class booking system may be perfect for you.


Scheduling software for fitness classes


Features of a free fitness class booking system


Our free offering for small businesses has many useful features. We’ll just give you a brief overview of the highlights.


  • Seamless 5 step booking process
  • Accept multiple bookings automatically, 24/7, globally
  • Manage schedules, appointment history and email correspondence all in one booking system
  • Manage resource capacity
  • View transactions
  • Fully integrated with Stripe


Like what you’ve seen so far? Book a demo with one of our booking software experts to learn more or sign up for a free account to get started. BookingLive




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