If your organisation is not already implementing an SEO strategy, I cannot stress enough how much a few simple tweaks can improve your booking system search engine rankings. The extent to which you work on your SEO depends on you. Yes, if you want to maximise your SEO success you can take some more time, follow the process continuously, and even spend a little money on a paid campaign. But you don’t need to spend money, and once you’ve done some of the organic SEO once, it will become second nature to you!

To support your online booking system, BookingLive offer expert SEO services for businesses, and we are here to support you every step of the way. Here are a few of our very own helpful tips when carrying out a campaign:

  • Don’t choose keywords simply because you think or know they will score high in a search. They must be relevant to your business. If your website does not provide what the searcher was looking for, then they will just leave your site.

  • Do not sacrifice the quality of content on your web pages just to be able to squeeze in as much keywords as possible. It still needs to be relevant and make sense. Google highly favours quality and fresh content (not recycled from somewhere else).

  • Use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to help brainstorm some keywords. There are also online tools, such as Keyword Discovery, that gives you information about the popularity of keywords.

  • Within your website, insert links from one page to other page (where relevant). For example, ‘Details of our packages can be found 'here'. This is also good for usability, as it’s helping the site visitor find their way around your site.

  • Optimise your use of social media and blogging. The more web presence you have to more visible and genuine you seem to the search engine spiders. Use links in your social media activities as much as possible.

  • Are videos a possibility for your business? Create a Youtube channel! Great for effortless SEO and added promotion.

  • On your homepage, have a site map complete with links. It will help get them indexed with the search engines.

  • Allow for user-generated content, e.g. reviews and forums. It creates a great deal of keyword rich content and is also good for user experience.

  • If using affiliates is a possibility for your business, try it. The more websites linking to yours the better.

  • Make sure you measure your results and go back and improve where necessary!