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Why Your Business Needs to Focus On Customer Experience

January 30, 2021

Why Your Business Needs to Focus On Customer Experience

Although customer experience (CX) coincides with user experience (UX), the two are separate matters. Econsultancy defines customer experience as “every interaction between brands and individuals”.


Why is Customer Experience so Important?

Customer experience is detrimental to business success. A positive customer experience can lead to an increase in sales, whereas a negative experience can cause a loss in custom and a subsequent loss in revenue. Customer experience allows you to stand out against your competitors.

Econsultancy and IBM’s Consumer Conversation Report shows there is significant difference between a business’s intention and their customers’ satisfaction. Brands believe they are experts at providing great customer experience, but customers aren’t so sure.

Out of 7 company factors, consumers were asked to rank them from most important to least important. At the top end of the importance scale was “very trustworthy with my data/information”, with “products that are customised for me” sitting at the bottom. This goes to show how influential a positive customer experience can be, it is even more important than the product’s features!


Understanding your Customers

Unless you run a relatively small business, it is impossible to know each and every one of your customers on a personal level. But it is possible to know what they want. Consumers are demanding an improved experience, better service and more channels to engage with more frequently, and with this engagement comes invaluable insight. Plus, each of your customers has at least one thing in common: your company.

Make this the centre point of all marketing communication by ensuring your brand is consistent, Econsultancy explains why breakthrough customer experience requires close collaboration between your marketing and technology teams. 

To conclude: With consistency comes trust

Trust is the essential ingredient in customer loyalty, and it is generated by consistent good customer experiences.