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BookingLive | FREE Crisis Service Covid-19 Chat Bot

March 26, 2020

BookingLive offers free crisis service to ensure the public can access the information they need 

At BookingLive, we are making our free call and email deflector tool available to local governments across the UK as part of our online booking and reservation software. This free call and email deflector tool will serve to signpost users to COVID-19 related pages and information that they may find helpful in a faster and easier way.


This development is in response to local authorities and their populations dealing with large volumes of unprecedented calls and emails during the current crisis. They can feature a COVID-19 Bot on their website that will guide the public directly to the relevant information that they need, in turn reducing the number of queries coming in via calls and emails.

To date, many local authorities have used the AI-bot to supply a range of important information to their citizens. The AI-bot has the ability to inform users on appointment times, council tax payments, bin collection schedules and green space access. The implementation of the AI-bot has resulted in a 40% reduction in citizen enquiries. Results from BookingLive’s online scheduling and booking system for Charnwood Borough Council, for example, have been impressive. They have experienced a large reduction in calls, less time is spent carrying out administrative tasks, and the council have seen a large increase in relevant web page hits by the public.

We are also working on a next phase solution that involves the bot. To further streamline local authorities’ processes, we can use the bot to push users to the precise pages that they need on the booking system to make bookings, cancel appointments, or reschedule them. Not only will this make booking easier, but the user experience will improve.

BookingLive’s Welsh Founder and CEO Vinnie Morgan said:

“I think all businesses are looking for ways that they can help out in the COVID-19 crisis. Here at BookingLive, we’re using our innovation to release pressure from the local authorities, saving their time and resources and helping the public get the critical information they need more efficiently.”

BookingLive was set up in 2014 and provides online booking and reservation software to over 700 private and public sector customers. Its Enterprise system clients include Microsoft, BMW, Universal Music Group, the BBC, CAPITA, The City of Westminster, and numerous other public sector agencies across the UK. The firm plans to more than double revenues during 2020 – and a recruitment drive is now underway to hire at least seven new employees for the new Cardiff office.

Interested local authorities can contact:

or call: +1 (0)117 933 8632.