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What is a Salesforce Booking System?

June 20, 2021

What is a Salesforce Booking System?


Online booking software is a way for customers to make bookings with your business. Whether your business is an activity centre, a tour operator or even a course provider, there is no doubt your need for an online booking system.

However, there’s more to a successful online booking system than just helping your customer make their booking, because good customer relationship management plays an essential role in improving the customer experience, driving repeat sales and understanding your client base.

There are countless technologies available which enable tracking and analysis, but Salesforce is amongst the very best. But what is a Salesforce enabled booking system, and how can it improve productivity, boost sales and help you manage your staff? Join us as we explain all.


What is Salesforce?





Salesforce is a suite of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools designed to help businesses big and small dramatically improve their customer service, retention rates, purchase analysis and much, much more. Available on a rolling contract, Salesforce is a class leading product.

Utilised by some of the biggest businesses in the world from Coca-Cola to Sony, it’s a highly respected and widely used platform. CRM’s are known to improve customer retention by as much as 27% and Salesforce booking system customers report a 39% increase in sales.


How does a Salesforce enabled booking system work?


By combining Saleforce’s analytical tools with your online booking software, you can see more information at a glance than you ever could before. Automatically generated analytics bring together information that’s more than of mere interest, but of vital importance for a business which wants to drive up customer retention.

For the customer, the experience remains much the same; they visit your website and enjoy a secure booking experience. However, from the back end, you have access to an unprecedented number of tools that can help your business move forward in ways previously unattainable.


What features does Salesforce have?


Salesforce pride themselves on offering a complete suite of business applications to monitor and manage everything from sales leads to customer complaints. Here’s what you can expect from Salesforce’s suite:

  • Sales Cloud: Salesforce automation tools and CRM
  • Service Cloud: Class leading tools for customer service and help desks
  • Community Cloud: Tools for collaboration between customers, partners and employees
  • Wave Analytics: Serious analytical data for every booking, website visit, email interactions and more.
  • App Cloud: A development platform for creating cloud-based applications
  • IOT Cloud: A connected device platform for the next major wave of technology, the Internet of Things
  • Commerce Cloud: Digital commerce, point of sale and order management for your business

Each of these services can be taken individually or together, but there’s no doubting the utility of such services for your business.


How does Salesforce integrate with BookingLive?


BookingLive is our award winning secure online booking software, and with support for over 50 different integrations, it’s a deeply customisable experience. We’ve long understood the value of Salesforce’s software and since then built Salesforce support right into our software.

If you have BookingLive’s software implemented and a customer of yours has a Salesforce login, they are able to use this in a self-service way which will enable them to book themselves onto an event once they are logged in. This will use an SSO, which is a Single-Sign on that allows people to use just one set of login details to have access to difference applications.

Using both services together, BookingLive and Salesforce help to empower your customers to book, whilst Salesforce’s world-class analytics, support and tracking helps you to deliver better service, business growth and stronger online sales. You can find a complete list of our integrations here.


To find out more about a Salesforce booking system, visit their website here. To find out more about BookingLive, sign up for a free demo or take a tour of the features of our booking platform.