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Why You Need A “Mobile First” Website and Conversational AI

June 9, 2021

Why You Need A “Mobile First” Website and Conversational AI


In a previous BookingLive blog post “Mobile Booking Software – Do you need it?” We state that in 2016, 2.1 billion people have a smartphone. For many of those people, it’s the only way they access and interact with the internet. By 2020, smartphone ownership is estimated to reach an astonishing 2.87 billion people. 

That estimate was incorrect – according to Mobile Retailer Bank My Cell there are now 3.8 billion smartphones worldwide. 


Make it mobile first


So, unsurprisingly, Manchester based Web Design Agency Shape have reported that mobile browsing surpassed desktop way back in 2015 and is continuing to increase in usage. Assuming that mobile browsing is typically done outside of normal office hours or on a 10 minute coffee break, it is imperative to have a mobile-friendly website and booking system in order to cater to potential customers that need your help when your own staff have gone home for the day. Not only that, but you don’t want your customers getting frustrated at your slow, clunky, non-responsive mobile site and jumping ship to your competitors sleek, superfast site. 

This is where Conversational AI comes in, the always-available employee you never knew you needed! 


What is Conversational AI?


In layman’s terms, Conversational AI is usually a Chat Bot or SMS integration that mimics human interactions as best it can. With sophisticated Natural language understanding (NLU), the Chat Bot works to decipher meaning in the user’s words, regardless of how the message is written. 


Whilst Conversational AI may sound intimidating, it really could not be more straightforward. If you already have a CRM like Hubspot, you will have capability to curate your own Chat Bot conversation, with pre-existing and well thought out questions that flow seamlessly into one another, sync with your calendar if necessary and integrate with your website instantaneously. 


What can it do for me?


According to Forbes, Millennials avoid phone calls at all costs, and whilst this may seem a little impersonal from a business perspective, it’s a fantastic tool for productivity. By following the Millennial rule of “If it can be said in an email, send an email.” you have saved yourself invaluable time, improved organisation and, surprisingly, created a good connection with your customer – as your first meeting won’t be filled with dreaded small talk and awkward pauses over the phone, enabling you to make the first impression you desire, and creating your ideal brand/company image. 


Combine with a mobile first booking system


With a BookingLive online booking system, there are so many integrations to choose from and link to your online booking system. You’ll be able to offer upsells without the fear of sounding like an inauthentic salesperson, you can receive a text every time you have a cancellation, or automatically share posts to your socials as soon as you’ve created a new product/service for your customers to start purchasing. All from the little device in your back pocket. 


Combine your Conversational AI with an automated Online Appointment and Scheduling System and you know your clients will be well taken care of 24/7, you will be generating revenue and you will be able to make time for the things that matter. 


For more information on helpful tools that will help streamline your business, check out this blog: 3 Free Tools for Your Startup. 


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