One of the most integral features to businesses' booking success is our booking software calendar display. This enables businesses’ online booking systems to display live availability and bookable dates directly on their website.

We currently offer 5 main booking calendar views within our Enterprise level booking software. These are:

  • Calendar

  • List

  • Seven Day View

  • Seven Day Multi Select View

  • Seasonal 

Each of these options can be tailored to individual businesses' needs in terms of design. With the ability to change the booking calendar within the CMS, our clients have control over factors such as the colour of their booking calendar. 

As no two businesses are the same, we believe the same line of thought should apply to the booking journey each business provides. Read on to find out more about the different booking calendar display options offered by the BookingLive system.


The Calendar View

BookingLive calendar view

It is possible to display the calendar view in the form of a booking widget, so you can show live availability on any website page you wish. The widget is set to display dates which are available to be booked in green and dates which are fully booked in red, reducing the amount of time a booking takes a customer.

When embedded in the booking process, the calendar view works similarly to when it is embedded in a web page - it displays the same green and red colour coding. This view is useful within the booking process for bookable products which run on multiple days within a month.


The List View

BookingLive list view

The list view within our booking software is useful for products, such as paintballing sessions, which run on various dates. This view isn't great for products with lots of availability though, as this will slow down a customer's booking journey due to having to scroll down the page in search of the correct date.


The Seven Day View

BookingLive 7 day view

The seven day booking software calendar view is perfect for products which run within 7 week time frames. A good fit for this view is courses and clubs.


7 Day Multi Select

BookingLive 7 day multi select

This calendar view is the same as the 7 day view except users can select and book multiple slots.



BookingLive seasonal view

BookingLive seasonal view

The seasonal view allows customers to see many more dates at the same time. This is great for businesses that work to a seasonal timetable. For example, activity clubs may be busier in the summer whilst ice skating rinks see sales rocket in the winter.


How to Set Up Different Calendar Views

Setting your preferred calendar view is easy! Follow these six steps:

  1. Log in to BookingLive

  2. Open Settings > Products

  3. Select the product you wish to edit

  4. Click the Booking View dropdown

  5. Select which Booking View you require

  6. Click Save

If you are having difficulty setting up your calendar view, head to the customer forums or online helpdesk for help.

Having clear booking calendar displays will improve the user experience and lead to more bookings. If your appointment availability is not clear, customers will simply abandon the booking page and shop elsewhere. Find out more ways to improve your customer's booking software journey in our blog.

If you’d like to learn more about the BookingLive Enterprise booking system and see it in action, book a free demo with us today.


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