10 Reasons Your Activity Centre Needs an Online Booking System

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10 Reasons Your Activity Centre Needs an Online Booking System

January 12, 2021

When you are looking to implement any sort of booking software system for your booking needs, you will want to make a checklist of the most wanted items. In this article we touch on 10 reasons your activity centre will benefit from an online booking system.


  1. Focus on your customers
  2. No shows and cancellations
  3. Convenience
  4. Payment
  5. Reception
  6. Marketing
  7. Technical support
  8. Website traffic and SEO
  9. Remote access
  10. Customer service

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1. More time to spend with your most important asset – your customers!


Now your customers can book activities and courses online, that leaves you more quality time to spend with them when they are actually with you on the day. Our system provides you and your customers the ability for online bookings, booking confirmations, booking cancellations, booking amendments and much more – saving your business time and money.


2. Reduced no-shows and booking cancellations


BookingLive’s online reservations software provides automated SMS and email reminders prior to the activity date, which gives your customers plenty of warning. Giving them a gentle reminder reduces no-shows or in the case they might not be able to come, they can also reschedule. It provides the opportunity for customers to make cancellations earlier in the process, which means someone else could book in their place. Allowing you to fully utilise your capacity.


3. Convenience for your customers


Your customers can make bookings wherever they are, whatever they are doing and whenever is convenient for them. Our reservations system is available 24/7. BookingLive also shows all available booking slots so your customers can see when activities are free which will encourage them to wait even if activities aren’t available for a while.

4. Instant online payments


BookingLive combines online booking software with payment gateways for multiple payment providers. This fantastic integration allows your customers to pay in advance or even purchase activities as gifts for friends and family. This saves time allowing your customers to make the most of the time they have with you to enjoy their activity, ensuring their experience is focused on fun and enjoyment rather than payments and admin.


5. Efficient reception


BookingLive provides your business with an efficient internet booking system that provides an all-encompassing customer experience from start to finish. Reducing admin and reception time with less phone calls allows you to provide the very best service to your customers through use of welcome touch screens, booking and enquiry forms, automated feedback and communications via email and SMS.


6. Comprehensive marketing solution


BookingLive is not only an activity centre software as a service solution to online bookings, but it utilises your existing customer details by allowing you to send direct mail and e-marketing promotions, enabling you to stay in touch with your customers, offer them special deals and reward them for their loyalty.


7. Expert service


Most of BookingLive customers are small businesses and we recognise that small businesses have minimal time to invest, so we take the pressure of with our powerful website booking system, allowing you to focus on running the business, growing and developing it. We support your business through a dedicated account manager, online ticket helpdesk and we like to visit you at least once a year!


8. Increased website traffic


Using BookingLive can increase traffic to your website, as our system improves website rankings – SEO (search engine optimisation). Increasing traffic to your website, is a great way to raise awareness of your business and ultimately increase bookings.


9. Remote access


Your business may currently have a paper-based booking system in which case, to check what activities are booked in and when requires a phone call or a physical check. BookingLive allows you to check your bookings from anywhere in the world, saving you time and resources. You can check the status of your bookings at any time – through the web or any mobile device.


10. Customer service


Having access to all of your existing and past customer details allows you to provide the very best customer service. You can keep track of their order history, booking experience and customer feedback they have left you. All this information is securely stored in our online booking system.

In Econsultancy and IBM’s Consumer Conversation Report, consumers ranked what company factors were most important to them. Out of the 7 factors, “very trustworthy with my data/information” was judged to be most important whilst “products that are customised for me” was rated as least important. This report highlights how fundamental a positive customer experience is – it’s even more important than the product’s features!


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