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The Importance of User Experience in Online Booking Systems

June 2, 2021

User Experience in Online Booking Systems


Have you ever wondered why some booking systems are really successful and others are not? The answer is simple: successful booking systems are designed and structured with customers and user experience at the forefront of their minds. Ultimately, they are designed to get good feedback from users.

According to Smashing Magazine, UX includes Human Factors, Design, Marketing, Ergonomics and much more. Users should never feel lost using a website or booking system, and they should be able to make a booking in an easy, intuitive and comfortable way.


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In previous posts, we have spoken about the importance of SEO in gaining more visibility on the search engines and, thus, get more users on your booking system. However, it would be a shame to lose those potential clients because your booking system is not trustworthy or easy to use, and ultimately, unusable.


You may think: “well, it sounds good, but.. will this really help increase my sales?” The answer is yes. A good user-interface makes it easier for users to find what they are looking for and then to buy it once they have found it. In other words, usability dramatically decreases the number of ‘abandoned shopping carts’ and therefore, your on-line booking sales go up.


But, how can a booking system be improved in terms of usability?

Some of the most common characteristics of usable booking systems are:


  1. Simple Design
  2. Easy To Find
  3. Speed Of Website


Find out more detail on these items below


Simple design


Sometimes, a “plain” design is more effective than an overly creative/intricate one. The most important factor is that your booking system meets its goals and make more sales, so the design must help to make it happen.


Easy to find


Once on the booking system, users should find information easily as well as be able to move around your booking system comfortably. They should find what they need in just 3 clicks and be presented with options to book and pay instantly.


Speed of website


This is imperative for user satisfaction. Each booking system page shouldn’t load for more than 1 second in order to improve the user experience. BookingLive ensures their system and servers are optimised for quick speed – also important for your website search engine rankings!

We understand the benefits of good usability, BookingLive is designed with your visitors in mind. Don’t just take our word for it, just take a look at what our clients have to say.


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Find out more about BookingLive’s scheduling system and its partnership with organisations going through digital transformation, and how BookingLive can bring its 10+ years of successfully servicing the public sector to support you with your department’s digital goals, please contact us via email, or call +44 (0)117 933 8632 to speak with one of our Solutions Specialists.

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