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How To Sell Webinars Online

April 8, 2022

Webinars are a cheap and easy way to grow your audience and generate more leads by sharing your knowledge on a specific topic. You’ll find that most businesses are adopting webinars as part of their marketing strategy, and it’s clear to see why – they bring in sales. 60% of businesses use webinars to move a user through the customer lifecycle to become loyal customers. 


Whether you’re looking for tactics to increase your number of attendees or are creating a webinar from scratch, we’ll show you how to sell webinars online.


Choose a topic that sells

To be able to sell webinars online, you need to offer people what they want. And to make the most revenue, choose a topic that sells. Research the type of webinars that rack up thousands of attendees and create your own version. 


You’ll find that to make it big, your webinar should cover a niche topic and provide a benefit to the attendee. Some popular areas you should consider are SaaS, consulting, financial services and education. If your webinar can solve a common problem, with detailed research and clear steps on how it works, you’ve struck gold. Remember the main purpose of a webinar is to add value. Get this right and you’ll find it easy to sell webinars online.


Pick a catchy title

The global webinar and webcast market is set to reach $800 million by 2023. This means there will be plenty of competition to fend off. A simple way to stand out and generate more sales is to pick a catchy title that draws your audience in. You’ll need a good understanding of your target audience, including what they want to learn, their level of education and what tone will appeal to them. It’s great to use a witty title but only if your audience will understand it!


If a humorous title isn’t appropriate for your topic and audience, use a question that people can relate to that sparks interest. Make sure that the title is short and sweet and clearly describes what the webinar is about.


Grow Sales with Webinars

Make the webinar available on-demand

Your webinar sales may be low because you aren’t offering it on-demand. People lead busy lives, and even booking a one hour slot out of their day to attend your webinar may be tricky. With the risk of last-minute emergencies or distractions, customers want the comfort of knowing that they can skip the live session and still access the material at their leisure. 


Not only are you providing flexibility, but your audience will also feel that they’re getting value for money as they can re-watch the webinar as many times as they like. This added feature will have customers return to more webinars, meaning you can sell more!


Make booking easy

After creating your perfect webinar about a popular topic with a catchy title, you may think you’re on track for success – and you’re nearly there! A step that is often overlooked is the booking process. Imagine you’ve gathered loads of hype and interest around your webinar, but the booking journey is too long or unclear. Customers will simply look elsewhere. 


To sell webinars online in bulk, you’ll need a system that can keep up with anticipated demand. You need a software solution that allows users to browse your webinars and sign up at their preferred time, make their payment, and add the session to their calendar. From a seller’s perspective, you’d benefit from automated reports so you can see which webinars and time slots are working well. Fortunately, BookingLive can do all of this and more!


The course booking system can help you increase your attendance with automated reminders. Research shows that sending an email reminder on the day of the webinar can increase attendance by 20%, and it’s easy to program the system to do this for you.


Make Bookings Easy with BookingLive


Promote your webinar on social media

When you need to promote something or start up a conversation about a topic, social media is the place to go. Promote your webinar on the platforms of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you have a strong business focus, set up a LinkedIn account too.


Feature testimonials where attendees have seen results by putting your webinar into practice. Share a personal video introducing yourself and the benefits of the webinar or even upload a teaser snippet of what users can expect. It’s important to be consistent with your posts and a content calendar can help you organise this. Plan out a balance of informational videos, interactive polls and more promotional posts to keep your feed looking fresh.


Take webinar bookings with BookingLive

BookingLive offers a comprehensive booking solution for businesses both big and small. Whether you’re selling webinars for a living or utilising webinars as part of your marketing strategy, we can take care of the booking process. Our software sorts out the admin so you can focus on designing new webinars. If you’d like to see our booking system in action, book a demo today. 


If you offer any of your services via Zoom, BookingLive allows you to connect your Zoom account to your online booking system. This means your customer will receive the Zoom link in their confirmation email and you can easily manage your Zoom calendar. Giving you the ability to grow your business by creating a client base from all over the world (time difference permitting!) 


Our expert team welcomes any questions you may have, give us a call on 0800 1310 342 or email




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