Online Booking Trends: The Facts & Figures

As you're probably aware by now bookings made via mobile and tablet devices are continuing to increase rapidly. Online booking trends show the mobile growth platform within the travel industry alone was ten times bigger than that of desktop at the start of this year.

With this shift towards users browsing the web on their smart phones and tablets it makes sense businesses prepare themselves. You can do almost everything online, from paying bills to finding out celebrities' middle names. That's why you need to provide your customers with full access to your business. Enabling them to make bookings online puts you ahead of competitors and leads to increased bookings and subsequent profit.


Tell Me More About Online Booking Trends...

Making things easy and personalisation are currently two of the most influential online booking trends. Studies show that by treating each customer as an individual  they're more likely to buy in to a company. With online booking systems such as BookingLive you're able to personalise every aspect of the booking process from individual activity, course or appointment descriptions to the colour scheme. Integrations with add-ons such as postcode lookups means customers are able to quickly input their postcode to find their address rather than having to enter it manually. Finishing touches such as these will mean you're more likely to secure long-term custom and reduce the likelihood of predictability.


International Online Booking Trends

Online booking trends also signify businesses are more likely to receive international custom if they have a strong online presence. It makes sense, how else would a family in Canada looking to book holiday activities hear about your UK high ropes course? International travel is becoming more and more popular with people researching their destination of choice up to a year in advance. 76% of global travellers say their mobile phones are "very important" to their daily lives so it's vital your website is mobile ready. Make sure your business is out there and ready to be found.


How do I keep up?

Market trends predict that by 2017 45% of the world's population will be using the internet, that's approximately 3.3 billion people. Make sure you don't miss out on national and international opportunities by incorporating an online booking system in to your website today.


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