Booking Software Cheat Sheet: Processing Childcare Vouchers

Due to the increased pressure on primary schools to provide before and after school care, we have noticed an influx in a number of schools using online booking software for education. That is why we have developed BookingLive to process childcare vouchers. Our latest booking software cheat sheet will give you a quick overview of childcare vouchers and will show you how to set them up within your BookingLive system.


What are Childcare Vouchers? explain that "most employers who provide Childcare Vouchers do so through a salary sacrifice scheme.  This means you agree to reduce your salary by a certain value, and receive Childcare Vouchers to the same value but pay no tax or National Insurance on these vouchers". A significant number of parents now receive childcare vouchers, so it makes sense that schools put a system in place to process these as a form of payment - a system like BookingLive. By introducing BookingLive in to your school, you will cut down on a large amount of time that would have previously been spent on admin tasks such as processing childcare vouchers.


How to Process Childcare Vouchers

  1. Log in to your admin system

  2. Go to Settings > Add-ons

  3. Click on the Childcare Vouchers tab

  4. Click the 'Enable Childcare Vouchers' checkbox

  5. Enter a Childcare Vouchers message if you wish (this will display to customers - i.e. parents and carers - within the basket page of the booking journey).

  6. Click Add Voucher Provider

childcare vouchers booking software

7. Set the status as 'Active' and the type as 'Childcare'

8. Enter a name, email address and telephone number if required

9. Once you have completed the desired fields, click save

The Childcare voucher will now be visible within the booking journey.

childcare vouchers checkout

For further assistance setting up childcare vouchers within your booking system. Please raise this in our customer forum or via the online helpdesk. If you want to know more about BookingLive and childcare vouchers, contact us today.