Room booking systems can be a great asset to companies working in any industry. Whether employees need to arrange internal meetings or book private rooms with clients as part of their day to day, BookingLive has the solution.

In this article, we cover the top industries that can benefit from a room booking system and how to take advantage of its features.


Government agencies

These public sector agencies get involved in many meetings between departments. As private information is often shared, it’s important to gather in a separate meeting room. 

Getting everyone in one room at the same time can be hard. Employees will try to compare calendars and send messages back and forth - distracting them from working on the things that matter. To speed up the process and save all the hassle, a room booking system can sync staff calendars with room availability. Making it crystal clear when the ideal meeting time is, and in which location in the office.


Colleges and universities

Students at colleges and universities want to take advantage of the facilities on offer, and these institutions are often filled with bookable meeting rooms. 

Whether students want to escape to a private room to revise for an exam, book a space to meet classmates in preparation for a group presentation, or even reserve the whole floor of a building to host a social event, a room booking system can help. 

The system allows students to browse available rooms on their phones and book straight away - perfect for any last-minute cramming sessions! This also takes another admin task off staff’s hands and allows them to monitor which meeting times are popular to manage demand. Gaining access to real-time data and reports allows educational institutions to improve the services they offer. Increased student satisfaction means better ratings and more admissions - it’s a win-win!



Financial advisors will meet with clients to discuss confidential financial information. To stay in line with regulations and guidelines, these meetings should be held in private rooms. When working with corporate clients, banks may have to deal with multiple meeting requests at the same time. To avoid double bookings and to manage building capacity, a room booking system is ideal. 

Bank clerks can check the system for room availability before confirming client appointments. If the meeting is cancelled, the system will automatically update so other employees can still make use of the room. Having this central hub to organise meetings will improve communication and productivity amongst staff and lead to better customer service. 


Creative agencies

Creative agencies are under pressure to produce adverts and campaigns with tight deadlines. This industry thrives with a collaborative approach, and employees often hop from meeting to meeting. As unfiltered and free as brainstorming sessions are, they still need to be scheduled so that the right people can attend.

When people work in such a fast-paced environment, planned meetings can often slip their minds. This is where the room booking system steps in. It can send automated email and SMS reminders ahead of the meeting with location details, attendees and any notes, so employees can be fully prepared.


Recruitment firms

The role of recruiters is to find the right candidate for the job, so of course, they spend a lot of their time interviewing people. With so many meetings to manage and places to conduct them, a room booking system is essential. 

Recruiters can send a booking link to prospective candidates so they can choose an interview slot that suits both parties. Better still, the email confirmation will provide details of the room location, so candidates can feel prepared and at ease before their big day.



This one may have been more obvious, but room booking systems are used by hotels and B & Bs all around the world. Companies can embed booking links on their website and social media to maximise the chances of customers staying with them.

Detailed reports about booking patterns allow hotels to adjust their strategy to suit customers’ behaviours. Whether you offer promotions during expected quiet periods to boost sales figures or track repeat bookings and create loyalty schemes - the possibilities are endless. 


Gyms and leisure centres

Gyms and leisure centres wouldn’t function without a room booking system! Regular swimming clubs will need to hire out the pool, whilst badminton enthusiasts may need to book a place on the court. With many departments to coordinate, there is a need for one central system to organise the admin. 

Gym members can book a room at any time of day, from any location. This reduces the number of phone calls to the reception desk, so employees will be more productive. Allowing customers to book 24/7 leads to more sales, as they aren’t restricted to office hours.



Salons have a range of private rooms for treatments such as massage, nails, eyelashes and eyebrows to name a few. With so many services and clients to look after, effective capacity management is key. Although the majority of customers will book an appointment, some still walk in unannounced for treatments. 

With a room booking system, employees can easily track capacity so they can welcome those last-minute appointments. For repeat customers, salons can build a profile with contact information as well as any special requirements, typical treatments they come in for etc. All of this data can assist marketing campaigns when users take advantage of the booking system integrations

For example, the integration with Mailchimp allows salons to send targeted emails to different client groups. This could include discount codes and offers on treatments that they already love. 

Do you think a room booking system could be a good fit for your business? Check out our blog on the 6 reasons why room scheduling software is essential for your business for more information. 


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