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WordPress Booking System

June 12, 2015

WordPress Booking System Made Simple


When you’re working on content management systems, especially WordPress you can find that it can be cumbersome to integrate certain solutions outside of writing website content. For instance, if you’re trying to run a booking system, you will find that development within WordPress can prove painstaking to say the least.


It’s that complication that many have found to be something worth changing, and it is now possible to change things up for the better. It’s now possible to integrate WordPress booking system technology with a simple BookingLive plugin that you add to your WordPress site.


WordPress Booking System


Book Online Using WordPress


There aren’t many wordpress plugins or integrations to allow online bookinggs. However, with BookingLive, you can easily embed code to any blog or website. You can have a fully working calendar of data that others can use to book any activity, course or appointment. It used to be cumbersome to get people to purchase certain products, extras or tickets whilst keeping the user within WordPress – but not anymore.


Online Bookings Made Easy


The best part about the WordPress Booking System plugin is that you can have a full calendar showing live availability on your website for your customers and customise how it is viewed. With a working wordpress booking calendar on your page, you can easily cycle through dates in the future and have highlighted areas to where activities can be booked and tickets can be purchased. Combine this with a payment gateway and you could take the headache of 24/7 online bookings out of your business with just a matter of a few steps. The wordpress plugin is free for all BookingLive customers with online support available.

WordPress Booking System

Whether you’re an expert at content management or you’re simply trying to streamline your business needs, you will find that with a simple plugin, you can turn chaos into an easy to manage booking system for everyone to use.

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