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What You’re Not Being Told About Scheduling & Booking

August 20, 2021

What You’re Not Being Told About Scheduling & Booking


What You're Not Being Told About Scheduling & Booking


Scheduling and booking is something 99% of businesses do, internally and externally, with staff and with customers. There are plenty of advertisements, comparisons and how-tos out there, but they all miss one key piece of information:


How does an online scheduling & booking system impact the lives of its users?


We have reached out to our users to ask this exact question. To find out how it has impacted their day to day lives.

The most common themes amongst the answers have been:


  • Peace of mind.
  • Clarity.
  • Excitement.
  • Focus.
  • Control.


Let’s find out what these mean, and why users feel these emotions attached to online booking and scheduling systems.


1. Peace of mind


All of these are powerful emotions, peace of mind in particular is something that small and scaling businesses struggle to acquire through tools, people or processes. Peace of mind means there is space, time and security to be able to put your real talents to more use in growing your business, instead of pushing administrative cogs around continuously when they could be automated.


A big part of peace of mind for our users is trust, trust that their customers are getting industry-leading service, trust that the administration is being completed as desired, trust that their growth won’t be stunted by their inability to deal with a higher volume of sales, trust that they have a solution in their organisation that is secure, protected and that will be there for them as they grow. We are proud to be that solution.


2. Clarity


The word clarity literally means:

“The quality of transparency or purity.”
Clarity is obtained through access to resources and information, scheduling and booking solutions provide you not just with the transparency of process and the ability to optimise and iterate, but also the data in real-time to be able to improve and act. Clarity is important to our users because outsourcing telesales teams, in-house development, or manual labour in administration all are filled with human error, lack of skill and knowledge, and lack of transparency.

When you work with a provider like BookingLive you get 10+ years of being an industry leader in this field, you get to trust the information you are seeing, because BookingLive is verified, validated and trusted, through qualification, certification, government framework awarded and filled with amazing customer case studies and testimonials.


3. Excitement


I know what you are thinking, saas solutions are not all that exciting, and if you arent into tech and software then the technicalities may well not be all that exciting. But with that being said, our users are experiencing excitement!


When you walk into your office currently, you sit down at your desk and you see the red flash on your answer phone machine with X amount of missed calls and messages. You open your computer and see the email inbox number tally up. You check your calendar and that blue meeting allocation is pretty much blocking all the white space for the day. That is not the way to start a day of growth and action!

Now stay with me here, what if… you walked into work, sat down, took the first sip of your coffee and as you see the colours of your screen turn on there are slight butterflies in your stomach. There is a hint of excitement brewing, whilst you have been sleeping and resting softly in your bed at night, the world has been busy moving forward, booking, scheduling, buying, selling, cancelling, amending, updating, making payments, and due to your online booking and scheduling system all of this has been available for your customers to do by themselves. You flick open the booking system tab, and there it is, your booking and activity report, growth, automation and new sales, all without multiple phone calls, emails, on-site conversations etc. Today is going to be a good day.


4. Focus


When a person is focused on something, they’re paying attention to it. When a camera lens or your eyes are focused, they’ve made the adjustments needed to see clearly. BookingLive users experience focus with the help of online booking and scheduling solutions through process led growth.

Our users experience focus because the needless administration is being automated, they are experiencing focus because they are able to put their time and mental capacity into the most important customer interactions and business growth activity instead of needless admin tasks.

Could your organisation or department do with a boost of focus?


5. Control


For a lot of organisations, dealing with a continual stream of email, walk-ins and phone requests, enquiries, calendar changes, cancellations, payment requests, attendee data updates, forms and prerequisite documentation and data capture communications etc can be a section of the organisation that just about “Copes.” but isn’t in “Control.” and for a lot of people they aren’t really even coping.


So why do our online booking and scheduling system users feel a sense of control? It comes down the same reason the industrial revolutionists were successful, the same reason Henry Ford was able to build his empire. It comes down to process and tools (Machinery), an online booking and scheduling system provides the tools to create a process that does the tasks that were taking up your entire day, without you. A system like this duplicates yourself, your customer service and automates meeting the needs of your customers. Providing you with control.


Scalability is a key part of an online booking and scheduling system, as long as you input the availability, and can market your product effectively, the administration of closing the deal and managing customer communications is completely automated and it will auto scale with the growth of your business, whether that’s from 0k to 10k, 10k to 100k or from 10m to 100m. Instead of trying to control an administration team of 10 then 20 then 50 people with endless costs and distractions, you have the control in the palm of your hand in your mobile-first online booking system to be in control of your organizational growth.


It’s Never Been Easier


Customers can take back control of their booking journey as they browse through a company’s different offerings at their own pace. Meanwhile, organisations will streamline their processes to cater to demand. Booking has never been easier – the software is easy to manage and more efficient – both businesses and clients will never look back to more traditional booking methods again.






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