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Education Sector Digital Transformation

August 18, 2021

Education Sector Digital Transformation|DigitalLive Podcast


Hello, and welcome to the DigitalLive podcast blog series. Sam Johnston the Chief Marketing Officer here at BookingLive is your host. Today we have a really exciting opportunity to listen to Rob Webber from the education sector, who is one of the management at Clifton college based out of Bristol in the UK, and has been driving and heading up some of the organisation’s key digital transformation. Learn how they are improving internal processes, improving user student and staff experiences all whilst driving additional revenue.

Podcast Notes:


  • The education sector is primed to take the opportunity of digital transformation by improving the access to scheduling, course and class decisions as well as extracurricular activity booking.
  • Providing out of hours solutions increases revenue, improves user experiences and allows more students and participants to access the services you have on offer.
  • Automation within online booking and scheduling within the education sector is saving schools like Clifton College 10 hours per week per administration person, this frees them up to focus on the most important customer communications.
  • The support and customer success team at BookingLive was a key contributor as to why they chose to go with an online booking system. That level of support and onboarding means that a successful implementation is less daunting and all the more achievable.
  • The wide number of use cases available from BookingLive means that locations like Clifton College can implement solutions across departments and locations all from the same system. From room and space booking to course and class scheduling, to memberships, activities and camps.


Click here to discover more about the online booking system Clifton College are using and their successful story.


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Full Transcript:


– [Rob] My name is Rob Webber. I’m the holiday club manager and I work for the commercial team of Clifton College in Bristol.

The holiday club products been running for a number of years and has since grown into a very wide-ranging commercial operation. So we have children now coming from all across the region to access basically all sorts of activities. So we run out each and every day of the school holidays throughout the year. So we did go out and we got ourselves three quotations from out there in the marketplace, sat down, analyze those, and ultimately booking live, you know, scored the highest on the options, including the development and time costs that we would have faced having to do our own system.


– [Rob] I think probably what appealed to us initially most was around the fact that we would have the online support, which has actually proved to be fantastic, because I think with anyone getting to grips with a new system, to be able to just talk it through with someone or to be able to exchange messages for us was good. And certainly the account manager, fantastic, great support in terms of getting the system up and running. I think the reliability as well was quite significant. And again, we’ve seen a big improvement in the fact that, you know, people are understanding what they’re booking, we are 100% reliant on that data. And that proves to be, you know, very robust for us, we have felt confident that we can actually promote the fact that people go online, and book everything. And I think the measure of any successful product is the fact that, you know, if you’re becoming more efficient at it, we’re getting fewer phone calls, we’re getting 100%, as I say, accuracy and reliability and the data, which will be processed in the payments, we know exactly where we are.

So it’s an all round winner for us.


– [Rob] So that again, it’s been very, very accurate and reliable. And it’s probably saved us, I would guess, if we’re putting a finger on it, maybe somewhere in the region of six to 10 hours a week, in our peak times in terms of the admin saving by having such a reliable system. The relationship is such that we feel we can approach you guys at any time when we need some support or guidance. We’ve always found we’ve had that. And I think also in the negotiation, in terms of you know, the product upgrade, that’s been great. We’ve been happy with that. And like the fact that you know, you’re willing to listen to us, your customer, make some changes, and all comes through actually add a very competitive and affordable price. So yeah, it’s a winner for us.


– [Sam] That was really fantastic.

And really great to hear some of the insights from somebody actively using new solutions to try and create digital transformation and improve user experiences. And all the rest of the good stuff that comes from that actually give us some of that insight back. If you would like to give your story, you have some fantastic information about digital transformation. But some of the projects that you’re putting into place currently have benefits and learning that could come out of that for other people that are trying to grow their departments and organizations. When you get in contact with us. We’d love to have a chat with you. So you can share your stories out there. And we can as a progressive organization of digitallive followers better improve our digital transformation processes.

Okay, thank you very much. Like, subscribe and share this within your network. And we really look forward to giving you the next episode over the next week.

Thanks bye


Education Sector Digital Transformation | DigitalLive Podcast

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