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Social Media: Latest in Marketing for SMBs

September 11, 2021

Social Media: Latest in marketing for SMBs


Social media is a great way to gain new clients through your online booking reservation system. It’s one of the many reasons why so many brands are joining Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok, Tripadvisor and LinkedIn.


Today, it’s really important that a brand is active on social media. It shows that you are not only immersed in your industry but also passionate about connecting with your customers. Having a social media platform as a touchpoint for your customers means that they can ask questions easily and get up to date information. Being active on social media used to be a way to stand out from your competitors, but today it’s almost a necessity.


Latest in marketing for SMBs


Social media allows you to start getting to know your customers on a more personal level, putting names and faces to orders and bookings. It’s really important to listen to suggestions and feedback given by customers through social media, as well as your usual traditional methods.


Social media can help you to:

    • Find your clients
    • Supply information about your products
    • Collect better feedback after you have made your sales
    • Gain data on your clients
    • Get a community around your business
    • Record opinions after-sales
    • Increase the loyalty of your clients


Latest in marketing for SMBs


With expert guidance from BookingLive, we can start making social media work for you and your online business. If you want to find out how your eCommerce transactions can increase through your booking system, please visit us on or call 0117 933 8632.

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