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E-ACT Education Digital Transformation

October 6, 2021

E-ACT Education Digital Transformation


Discover E-ACT one of the leading school academy groups across the UK’s Education Digital Transformation with Ben Roberts, E-ACT’s PE Coordinator who has been using BookingLive for 5 years and knows how to use the admin system inside out, so much so that he is now a trainer on our system within his organisation! 


Meet the speakers


Mollie Cross Solutions Specialist at BookingLive


Ben Roberys – P.E Co-ordinator at E-ACT

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Ben runs holiday clubs for a number of schools in Bristol and for children in the surrounding area. The holiday clubs are mainly focused around physical activities but after the school club activities can range from anything from cooking to outside play. Catering for children aged 4-11, E-ACT manages 50 bookings a day during term time through BookingLive.





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E-ACT Education Digital Transformation

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Full Transcript:


– [Ben] The main reason we use BookingLive is for one of our schools, St Ursula’s E-ACT Academy based in Westbury on Trym in Bristol.

We run our holiday clubs up there so for children from that school and the surrounding area we run a holiday provision, which is currently where I’m at right now, and the children and parents use the book system to book onto it. 

So that’s how it started with booking live and now the school also use it for booking their after school provision and their breakfast club provision as well so it’s sort of just we just expanded it from there it’d be really really good .

Yeah, during COVID we had to stop the summer holiday clubs. The previous summer because it wasn’t safe, and last summer my staff had worked all the way through lockdown and it wasn’t really fair for them to keep working again. 

So the system wasn’t used last summer but since September it’s been up and running fully and it’s been brilliant. To be fair, I don’t really have an awful lot of contact with booking live which is actually a really good thing because nothing ever goes wrong. 

So it just just works and I’ve been using it now for like four years five years so I know how to change everything myself. The odd phone call I’ve had but other than that, yeah, it’s been just perfect for us. it works a treat, the parents know it and now as well which is good so you rarely get any sort of “I don’t know how to use” it type questions which is great. Yeah, it’s just become an established part of our booking system for the parents and for us so that’s really good.



– [Mollie] I know you’re obviously the PE coordinator, is it mainly activities and sports that E-ACT do? Or are there and other curricular activities like languages, arts and crafts etc?



– [Ben] So the holiday clubs are sort of mainly focused around physical activities, but after school activities that the kids can book on during term time, cover anything from forest school to cooking, and then your outside play.

There’s all separate sections that parents can book on, which is where the system is really good because you can put on all the different brackets and it’s quite easy for the parents to select them, so that’s great. 

In term time, so you’re looking at 50 a day because we have to cap it 50 because of the physical space we’ve got, but I think if we have more space and more  adults we could probably have more so if 50 per day in. In the holiday club we usually look at about 25 kids per day. For the holiday club you’re looking at 27 days with 25 children a day and then all throughout term time, you’re looking at about 50 kids each night, so that’s pretty good, all aged 4 – 11. 




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