How to Keep Customers Engaged Once They've Booked

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How To Keep Customers Engaged Once They’ve Booked

January 11, 2021

If you’ve been in business for years, or only just starting up, you know that there’s no thrill quite like seeing a customer book for the very first time. It’s a sure sign that something’s gone right, but the journey doesn’t end there. After the booking, there’s a great deal more you can do to enhance the booking experience and keep your customers engaged. The most obvious one is keeping up with the online booking system trend, if you haven’t already!


Keeping your customers engaged


The relationships you build between your customer and your business are essential, you need to be doing everything you can to not only ensure attendance but also encourage repeat bookings.

The answer? Three emails:

Confirm, Remind and Follow Up.


In this article, we’re going to share with you how three simple emails can lead to higher attendances and more repeat bookings, amongst a host of other benefits.


Email #1 – The Confirmation Email


A confirmation email is something that’s familiar to everyone who’s booked or purchased something online, but the confirmation email nonetheless serves a vital function. Besides its primary function as a confirmation that a purchase has gone through, it also supplies vital information including booking IDs and contact information if anything should go wrong with their order.

Using BookingLive’s software you’re able to send an automated confirmation email as standard. By visiting your notification settings you can easily create a customised email that takes their booking experience to the next level.

Typically, these tend to be rather dry affairs, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Include a personalised message with ease, drop in special offers to recommended products or simply tell them how excited you are as a company to have them book with you. It’s the little things that really matter in a congested marketplace, so go all out to make your confirmation email special.


Email #2 – The Reminder Email


As a business that takes bookings, you’ll be fully aware of the cost and disruption that customers forgetting to turn up for their booking can have on your business.

The solution to that problem? The reminder email. Put simply, as your customer’s booking date approaches, BookingLive’s online booking system will automatically send them an email reminding them of their booking.

They can also include vital information like an itinerary or travel information, and just like the confirmation email, you can customise it, however, best you see fit. At BookingLive, we understand the value that a timely reminder email can have.

BookingLive’s built-in notification feature allows you to send out automated emails, meaning once you’ve written your reminder email, all you’ve got to do is choose when it gets sent! All emails sent out using our booking system is sent through SendGrid.


Email #3 – The Follow-up Email


With your customer’s transaction now fully processed on your online booking system and their time within your business completed, what next?

By sending a follow-up email within a few days of the booking’s end, you help cement the relationship between your business and the customer. It’s a gentle reminder that that their business was valued, and in this era of impersonal online transactions, that’s a thing of real value.

These emails can also be used to encourage post-transaction interactions, like leaving a review on Yelp or TripAdvisor, following your business on a social media platform or by offering a special discount code for repeat bookings.

Of course, you don’t want to flood your customers with emails, but with these three simple steps you can dramatically improve the client/business relationship.

It’s just another fantastic feature of our comprehensive online booking system, one which helps to keep customers coming back time and time again.


BookingLive also integrates with different email marketing programmes, like MailChimp. By integrating with Mailchimp you’re  able to build up your marketing mailing list. When a customer’s placing an order they will have the option to click ‘Marketing Permissions’, where their contact details will be pushed into Mailchimp, allowing your marketing mailing list to grow.

The MailChimp integration also means you’re able to track actions, like open and click through rates, so you can adjust your email design to best suit your clientele.


If you want to find out about more programmes we integrate with then head over to our integrations page or contact us directly, where a member of our team would be happy to find an integration that fits your needs


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