Cloud booking software hosting (with Rackspace)

Bookinglive uses a cloud hosting company called Rackspace - a web service that provides a flexible and resizeable capacity service in the cloud. In this case its designed to make cloud booking software and other web applications scalable and simple to use. It provides BookingLive with complete control of computing resources and lets us reduce the time required to obtain and boot new server instances to minutes, allowing us to quickly scale capacity, both up and down, as our computing requirements change.

Benefits of using Rackspace Cloud:

We use cloud hosting for the booking software as a way of delivering software as a service (SAAS) through the Internet.  As a business person, it means not having to install software, maintain servers, pay a hosting company, pay a developer, or pay high upfront capital costs.  In general our cloud booking software can offer:

    • Reliable – Distributed hardware independent data centres mean fewer risks of your booking system going into downtime.

    • Multi-tenant –Meaning everyone is using the same system. Using our system means that your booking engine is exactly the same as the other members of bookinglive, What is different is the way you customize your account and your tours and activities etc. Meaning if something breaks we can fix it promptly.

    • Scalable – Cloud computing apps can grow very big very fast without affecting the performance of the system, without the need to upgrade hardware or Internet connections, meaning your booking software is updated to provided the best possible service at any given time.

    • Secure – By offering a single booking system for many members, we can ensure that the system is rock solid for everyone.

    • Easier to Maintain – When we make an update Bookinglive, everyone benefits.  There is no need to install updates on individual machines.

    • Less Costly – Cloud based applications like BookingLive don’t require upfront license, installation, set-up, or maintenance fees.

To find out more information about our cloud booking software, please contact BookingLive.