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How Will Your Customers Benefit From An Online Booking System?

August 26, 2021

An online booking system is a necessity for any organisation that requires a customer to book onto a product or service. 

British rock band Queen once sang the lyrics “I want it all, and I want it now”. Away from the song’s themes of rebellion and social upheaval, these words could be used to describe the modern customers’ expectations. Digital transformation has shifted the buying process. Customers seek rapid resolutions and immediate interaction from their favourite brands and businesses. 

The world of online booking is no different. Customers are less loyal and far more selective than previous generations. They assume they will find whatever they need in a matter of clicks. That’s without the demand for speed, consistency, convenience, a seamless mobile experience, and then some.

Previously at BookingLive, we have delved into the benefits an online booking system can bring to businesses. This time around, we have taken a different viewpoint by looking into the many positives that an online scheduling solution can offer today’s consumer.


Say Goodbye to Queues


Waiting in lines can be irritating. There’s no need for queuing when it comes to an online booking platform. With online bookings, the sense of ownership swings in favour of the customer as they can book anytime they want. 

This is perfect for busy lifestyles and working patterns. Many people work longer hours and are more prone to having a free moment or two in the evenings. 


retail appointment scheduling


Online appointment scheduling enables businesses to effectively ‘open’ all day and night. Customers can also avoid the ‘pot lock’ nature of walk-ins by making a reservation that suits their schedule. 

As customers are able to view real-time availability, they can immediately check that their booking has been added to the system. Booking platforms also ensure that a confirmation email is sent immediately after an appointment is scheduled for complete peace of mind.




When it comes to using a booking system, all a customer needs is an internet connection and a notion of their future availability. Accessibility is one of the greatest breakthroughs of the digital age, with very few parts of the world lacking reliable access. 


stress free payments with online booking systems


No matter the time zone, location or whether customers are in the midst of their commute to work, online bookings create a seamless step-by-step experience, which can be carried out 24/7.

From securing the last remaining table at their favourite restaurant to booking on the ‘Microsoft for Startups’ programme, customers have the power to book directly from their smartphone without any limitations. 


Secure Payments


Secure, stress-free payment processing is invaluable to a customer. People are hesitant to give their card details over the phone anymore. This is why payment processing platforms such as Stripe and PayPal have become extremely popular. 

Credit card fraud is an increasingly rare occurrence. Customers are often more than happy to go through a simple checkout process without any feeling of trepidation that their credit card numbers or other valuable data has been intercepted. 


stress free payments with online booking systems


Appointment scheduling systems such as BookingLive seamlessly integrate into a number of trusted payment gateways. Customers can validate any concerns by searching for an ‘SSL Certificate’ on the page. This is a secure digital tunnel that keeps their sensitive information private and away from prying eyes.

Customers will always appreciate the faster payment method and are often able to store their details for future transactions. This removes hassle by eliminating the requirement to re-enter their card details each time they make a booking with a particular business or service.


It’s All In The Detail


Customers thrive on being able to carry out research beforehand. An online scheduling system can display an array of easily accessible information to enhance the customer experience. 


Customers thrive on being able to carry out research beforehand


From insight into a particular treatment to key-pre appointment information and resetting passwords, customers can benefit from many self-service elements that enable them to make an informed buying decision and respond to any administrative functions or issues (even when outside of business hours).

This concept of always being available and forever connected is precious to a consumer community. It is vital for helping them build a strong rapport. It also helps to establish trust and form a positive impression of the brand/company. 

Reviews, positive or negative, serve as a useful feedback tool for customers, just as much as they do businesses.

A business’s online reputation is more important than ever as potential customers are influenced by real reviews made by previous buyers or visitors. This simply cannot be replicated when making a booking over a phone call. Integrations with user-generated content platforms such as TripAdvisor enable the consumer to quickly form an opinion. 




The relationship between a customer and a brand cannot be underestimated. Some booking software providers enable organisations to personalise the system with their own branding, details and images. From a customer’s perspective, this has to be replicated to a similar standard on a mobile device.


The relationship between a customer and a brand


A tailored booking system provides a smoother booking experience to the customer. This is because they can clearly distinguish between different booking choices. Customer care tools such as live web chat services and automated customer appointment reminders have also helped create a personalised service within the online booking industry.

Ultimately, customers want to be encouraged to take the next step of the journey and click that ‘Book Now’ button.


Consistent Level Of Service


Love it or loathe it, the world is online now. Customers want to take advantage of the modern booking approach and the rapidity, expediency and opportunities an online booking system presents.


Love it or loathe it, the world is online now


By giving the consumer a heightened sense of ownership in conjunction with their purchase, they will feel free to make their decision on their own terms at their own pace. 

Put a smile on the face of your customers by connecting them with BookingLive’s award-winning booking system. Get in touch with us today.

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In just a few simple steps, your customers could be booking onto your classes/activities/events/appointments/meetings and much more. Reduce disappointment of out of hours requests and last minute appointment panics. Online booking tools automate your business processes essentially making your life easier, as well as your customers.


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