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BookingLive Software Recognised as Ideal Small Business Solution

February 19, 2021

It’s no secret that if you’re looking to launch a new small business, you need every tool at your disposal to make yourself a success.

The average customer looks for convenience, speed and competency from every business they encounter, both online and in real life. Those requirements mean that for a fledgling small business, the grace period for acceptable shortcomings is diminished massively.

Technology like ours, however, has long made the process of engaging customers, increasing sales and organising bookings across any business easier. With over 10 years’ experience, our name and profile have risen dramatically, so much that our software platform is being recommended by publications like and – two websites which, combined, have over 1.3 million social media followers.


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We’re delighted to see our name out there, but what exactly about our industry leading booking software for small businesses? Join us as we share 7 features.


Mobile booking management


Business in the modern world means being light on your feet, and for most of us, that means being glued to our smartphones even when we’re away from the office. With our mobile booking tools, you can manage the admin side of your booking system directly from your smartphone or tablet, but it doesn’t end there. Your customers can also book directly from their mobile devices too – making your business fully compatible with the modern world.


Brilliant customer management tools


As a small business, customer management is absolutely crucial. The art of small business management is keeping multiple plates spinning simultaneously, and with our BookingLive customer management software, you can do that with ease. BookingLive presents you with a raft of customisable data collection forms, alongside single sign on options for your customers with dedicated profiles for easy logins in the future.


Simple visual booking


If you’ve ever spent any time inside large business, you’ve likely been amazed at the complexity of their often antiquated booking systems. Well, with BookingLive, that’s never the case. BookingLive offers a simple but powerful visual booking dashboard with everything you need to know about your hourly, daily and weekly schedules. Bookable products like activities, courses and classes can all be managed with supreme ease.


Affordable small business pricing


Unlike many of our competitors, we believe in offering an affordable and scalable solution for businesses of all sizes. For small businesses and start-ups, that means offering the tools to grow as a business without acting as a drag on profits. We have partnered with Stripe to provide you with an industry-leading integrated payment gateway. On a PAYG basis the fee is 2.4% +40p per purchase made with a card. If a non-EU card is used 4.3% +40p is charged. If no payment is needed for the booking there is no charge.


Support for a huge range of industries


If your small business takes bookings, then it needs BookingLive. From activities and tours to retail, fitness classes or dog grooming and almost anything else you can think of, BookingLive offers a customisable, brandable solution that can benefit any business.


Built-in social media support


These days, so much of a small business promotional work goes on social media. Advertising tools on Facebook and Twitter allow you to zero in on your intended market and serve up adverts directly to their feed. Once they’re on your product page, that’s where BookingLive comes in to play. Our social media tools mean you can set up live availability on your Facebook page, making it easier than ever for your customers to book in without ever leaving their favourite social network.


Expert support


ime is precious, so don’t spend hours slaving over a problem when you can just contact our experts. Every BookingLive system comes with support, ranging from phone support to on-site training for staff, we’re confident we’ve got the perfect solution for you. Additionally, every business which signs up for BookingLive is assigned a dedicated Account Manager who will be with you every step of the way, helping you get up and running successfully in no time.


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