Over the past few months we've noticed an increase in BookingLive clients who're looking for multi-lingual Online Booking System interfaces. It's apparent to us that the need for internationally operative businesses is on the rise, which is why we're prepared. Not only do we offer clients the choice of over 10 multi-lingual features, but we also provide various currency options.

Multiple Languages

With the choice of over 10 standard interface languages, our online booking systems can be used by clients and customers worldwide. As BookingLive comes with the option of cloud hosting, it means that downloads aren't necessary, users simply need an internet connection to log-in to their  Online Booking System. Popular languages include:

    • Danish

    • Dutch

    • English

    • Finnish

    • French

    • German

    • Italian

    • Portuguese

    • Spanish

    • Swedish

    • Welsh

If you're an existing client who's looking to change your content display language, please refer to the User Manual. If you can't find the language you're looking for? Simply contact us to find out how we can arrange additional languages.

Multiple Currencies

It wouldn't make sense to offer various language options with only a few currencies, which is why we offer both. In fact when it comes to currency options we have it all. From pounds to pesos, we guarantee to provide you with your display currency of choice. For a definitive list of currency options on offer get in touch.

Our multiple language and currency options are available to all BookingLive users. Make sure you're making the most of your international operative booking system today!

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