Over the past few months, we've noticed an increase in BookingLive clients who're looking for multilingual online booking system interfaces. It's apparent to us that the need for internationally operative businesses is on the rise, which is why we're prepared. Not only do we offer clients the choice of multilingual features, but we also provide various currency options.

We’ll break down the options available to our enterprise and platform clients.


Enterprise language and currency options

Our enterprise-level software is ideal for larger businesses and public sector organisations serving customers globally. 

Languages: English and Welsh. 

Please note that Welsh is only available at the front end of the booking system.

Currencies: GBP, Euro, SA Rand, US $


Platform language and currency options

Our platform is designed to help small businesses manage their operations and bookings.

Languages: English

Currencies: GBP, Euro, US $, Australian $, New Zealand $ 


As BookingLive comes with the option of cloud hosting, it means that downloads aren't necessary. Users simply need an internet connection to log in to their online booking system and select their language. With our vast collection of payment gateways, users can pay for their booking with ease, in a currency that works for them. 

Want to learn more about how our online booking system works? Book a demo today or send us an email with your questions to sales@bookinglive.com