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Is There a Free Scheduling App?

August 23, 2021

Is there a free scheduling app available?


Running a small business can be challenging. You probably have an endless to-do list and are struggling to keep on top of your appointment bookings. A big chunk of your day is taken up by answering emails and taking calls, so you run out of time to spend on important business tasks. Cut out these admin chores with a free online booking system. A scheduling app will allow customers to book, cancel, rebook and pay online, all in one automated system. If you’re considering adopting a free scheduling app for your small business, read on to learn more. 


Free Scheduling App



What can the free scheduling app be used for? 


From fitness classes and spa experiences to driving lessons and dental appointments, a free online booking system is suitable for a range of industries. Scheduling systems can be used for booking activities, meetings, appointments, courses and classes, attractions and much more.


BookingLive’s free scheduling software is the most feature-rich free booking app on the market with over 3000 integrations available. With our integrations, you can connect the booking system with every business tool you already use – from your Outlook calendar to Tripadvisor. Use multiple integrations to get the most out of the automation and time-saving workflows. 


What are the benefits of a free online booking system? 


A scheduling system will completely transform your business – you’ll wish you made the switch sooner! Here are the top 5 benefits of our free online booking system. 


1. Improve customer experience


With a simple 5 step booking process, it’s never been easier to schedule an appointment. When you integrate the booking system with your website, customers can easily navigate to your booking page in a few clicks. This simplified user experience means that customers are more likely to convert after visiting your website. We can all get impatient and are prone to click off a site if it’s difficult to use, so using our free scheduling software is essential. 


2. 24/7 bookings 


The free online booking system will schedule appointments 24/7. This opens up the massive potential for you to take more bookings as customers won’t need to wait for your reception desk to open in the morning. 


3. Sell globally 


If the service that you offer is an online class, you’re able to take bookings from all over the world in multiple currencies. By widening your audience, you’re bound to see an increase in brand awareness and sales!


4. Streamline your business processes 


Now that you can wave goodbye to those boring admin tasks, you can say hello to wiser business decisions. Since the free scheduling software will make you more organised and free up your time, you can focus on using resources elsewhere. 


5. Automated reporting 


Use the automated reported feature of our free online booking system to gain insight into your audience. By analysing a bunch of customer’s data and behaviours, you can understand the type of customer who is booking with you and brainstorm strategies to nurture these customer relationships. 



How to set up a free scheduling app 


Setting up your free scheduling app is easy. After you have claimed your free account and created a login, you must select the type of scheduling that suits you. Following this, the online booking system will prepopulate with example products and data to help get you started. 


The scheduling software will then guide you through a simple 5 step setup process. This is where you can register your bookable products, set time and date availability, and allocate a price if you wish to charge for your activity. 


Then you’re good to go! Your bookable items will go live for your customers to purchase 24/7 on any device from your booking page. The booking page can be embedded within your emails, social media, and main website. 

How to take booking payments through a free scheduling app 


Although you can publish free appointments, the online booking system also has the capability to take payments. BookingLive’s free scheduling software is partnered with Stripe. Whilst there are no setup fees and no monthly costs, this payment gateway integration operates on a pay as you go basis. Note that the fee is 2.4% +40p per purchase made with a card. As your clients can pay as part of the booking process, you’re cutting out your admin tasks and boosting your sales. 


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