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Appointment Scheduling in 2021: What You Need to Know

September 10, 2021

Appointment Scheduling in 2021: What You Need to Know


Creating appointments and schedules is a pivotal part of day-to-day life. It helps businesses maximise their time and increase footfall to their store(s) and online channels.


The well-known phrase “time is money” is particularly apt. Its significance has increased in a world of social distancing measures that have changed and disrupted consumer habits.

From rearranging a work meeting to booking a fitness class, appointments allow us to be prompt, organised and ‘fill in the gaps’ to ensure we make the best use of our time. 


top 5 things you need to know about appointment scheduling in 2021


The pandemic has elevated the need for a healthy work-life balance. Much of the population now value their happiness and productivity to establish better lifestyles and prevent burnout. 

Guests booking online in advance has been on the rise years. Because of COVID-19, however, people increased their use of virtual booking systems to stay connected in a physically isolated society.


Appointment Booking System & Scheduling Software For All Appointment Types


Twelve months on, what have we learned? How are customers and service providers adapting to the ‘new normal’ and the challenges ahead? As a world-leading booking platform, we here at BookingLive are offering an insight into online appointment scheduling in 2021.


The top 5 things you need to know about appointment scheduling in 2021


  1. Online Bookings Continue To Rise
  2. Online Appointments Aid Social Distancing
  3. Digital Platform Expectation
  4. Online Appointments Keep Us All Connected
  5. Emphasis On Convenience & Wellbeing




1. Online Bookings Continue To Rise


The pandemic caused venues, workplaces and guest services to restrict capacities like never before. As a result, the ability to reduce face-to-face interactions sent online bookings soaring. According to Roller Software, “the European and Asia-Pacific markets have both seen an overall 130% increase in the proportion of bookings made online.”


Online Bookings Continue To Rise


Despite the rollout of the COVID vaccines in the UK, there’s still a need to control levels of human traffic through buildings. Companies have been forced to adapt to protect the health of their employees and/or customers. As a result, online booking systems have become increasingly popular. 

They allow businesses to be clear ahead of time with safety protocols and allow time slots to be easily found, reserved and paid for online, without any face-to-face contact.


These new habits have also introduced the convenience of online booking systems to both businesses and customers. This has resulted in improved staff productivity and reduced queue times.


2. Online Appointments Aid Social Distancing


An online scheduling system allows businesses to manage customer flow and follow social distancing guidelines to limit the spread of coronavirus. This allows customers to arrive close to their appointment time to help prevent overcrowding in shops and waiting rooms. 

Appointment scheduling software gives both the consumer and company time to organise and prepare where necessary. This allows time for increased cleaning and hygiene regimes.


Online Appointments Aid Social Distancing


BookingLive’s appointment scheduling software can be used for businesses of all sizes. It allows you to limit the number of people indoors by staggering customer visits throughout the day. We are also recognised as an ideal small business solution


3. Digital Platform Expectation


Customers now demand a top-class digital experience. From conferences, workshops, entertainment and eating out, most people are familiar with using a mobile device to make a booking. 


Many different habits have emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic; the thorough washing of hands, wearing masks in confined spaces. Online bookings are no different. All age groups have begun to embrace a “millennial mindset”, relying on friends and digital channels to learn and buy, rather than traditional sources.


Digital Platform Expectation


Smartphones play a crucial role in our lives by making things simpler and more efficient. If an appointment-led business cannot offer a mobile-friendly website and booking system, they will get left behind by their competitors.


For this reason, empowering customers through a fast, simple and engaging system can boost conversion rates and strengthen relationships. 


4. Online Appointments Keep Us All Connected


Can you imagine a world without appointments? Us neither. Appointments are more important now than ever. They give us structure in everyday life. Online appointment scheduling systems allow us to interact from anywhere in the world, with businesses “open” 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Online Appointments Keep Us All Connected


People can update their schedule on the go and purchase service-related products during the client booking process. Customers are more likely to remain loyal if they receive a positive experience. With easily integrated tools such as Twitter, live chat and TripAdvisor widgets, online appointment scheduling software allows all parties to be socially active on the biggest platforms.


anyone can benefit from an online booking system


Anyone can benefit from an online booking system. In just a few clicks, they can find out live availability and the information they need. 


5. Emphasis On Convenience & Wellbeing


Online booking systems remove the dreaded game of telephone tag. As the world continues to digitally evolve, online booking systems continue to help businesses operate smoothly in the current climate and beyond. Access to services has improved through the digital transformation efforts of local government service providers and private sector businesses. Online booking and appointment scheduling is a key driving force in making more services more accessible on a global scale.


Emphasis On Convenience & Wellbeing For Online Booking & Scheduling


Get started today


Begin your online booking and appointment scheduling system journey today with this free system below. Automating needless administration frees up your time to work on the more important customer interactions. Customers prefer online booking and appointment scheduling because they get to decide where and when they choose to interact, they get to cancel, rebook, amend and update details themselves at any time of day long after your call centre hours are over. This access means a lot to busy parents, workers and those who need the autonomy and access online booking provides.


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