Charities are undeniably busy organisations, so it makes sense online booking software isn't at the top of their priority list. But the truth is online booking software can help charities out a lot more than you may think. Many charities organise fundraising events, from sponsored runs to fashion shows, but this can be a laborious process. Organisers have to meet up to plan each event, with volunteers having to send invitations, sell tickets and repeatedly respond to the same questions. Payments then have to be processed, often through paper-based systems which aren't accurate or secure. Even after the event has finished there's still work to do, feedback forms and thank you letters have to be created and sent to each guest. The whole process requires a lot of time and input. But with online booking software for charities valuable time can be saved and costs can be kept to a minimum. Feedback forms and thank you letters can even be sent automatically!

Complete Event Organisation

Online booking software can help charities from pre-event to post-event - and all the stages in between! Charities can plan and host events without having the extra stress of tasks such as chasing up RSVPs. By having all attendees' details in one centralised system it's easy to keep them updated with information and last minute changes via SMS and email. You can even post FAQs so you don't have to answer the same questions again and again.

Improved Efficiency

Using online booking software for charities means volunteers' time can be spent more efficiently. Gone are the days of forgetting who's been assigned to what, with online booking software organisers are able to delegate specific tasks to individuals. With easy-to-use online booking systems it doesn't matter if volunteers have little technical knowledge. Human error is removed and there's no need for attempts to be made at creating counter-productive spreadsheets. Online booking software does all the leg-work.

Secure Processes

With online booking software you won't lose track of vital donations as they're all securely stored and recorded. Back-ups are also carried out regularly so your data doesn't go anywhere. Donations can also be tracked and users are able to print and email receipts to people who've donated.

Increase Success

By managing each step of the process, online booking software for charities makes event organisation seamless and problem-free. After an event, online booking software makes it possible for mass emails to be sent to attendees, thanking them for coming and asking for their thoughts and feedback. Online booking systems even simplify the production of feedback forms with integrated, specialised applications. Once filled in these forms are easily accessible by users so they're able to increase future event success.

BookingLive wish to welcome you to the world of online booking software for charities. If you're interested in finding out more or want to sign-up for our online booking software contact us today.

N.B. The information here is relevant specifically to BookingLive software, not all online booking software.