Trusted by government and large corporates globally

Appointment Scheduling Software trusted by government and large corporates globally for personal services including Beauty and Wellness, Personal Training and Coaching, Consulting, Fitness Classes, Events and Equipment Rental, to manage booking appointments and their most important customer relationships.

Excellent Booking Experiences

BookingLive’s reputation is built on 10+ years of experience. We are trusted by world-leading brands across personal services and multiple other industries. Our award-winning platform has allowed organisational and digital transformations on a large scale, improving both business and the customer experience.

Powerful Booking Software

Manage and improve your customer engagement journeys with simple scheduling, reservation and purchasing. No matter the size, shape or sector of your business, BookingLive can help, as the leading solution trusted by thousands.

Personal Services Example Use Cases

Beauty and Wellness

Use our appointment scheduling software for your activity centre or tour operator to take individual and group bookings, take payments and sell / redeem vouchers including gift agents and daily deal sites.

Personal Training and Coaching

Use our appointment scheduling software to run training courses, classes and seminars for citizens and staff. Take bookings and payments online with automated course completion certificates.


Use our appointment scheduling software for facility, room and venue management. Allow staff to book meeting rooms online and allocate internal accounting codes.

Ticketed Events

Use our enterprise booking software to sell tickets for events at scale. Enable our virtual queuing for large volume concurrent traffic to provide an excellent booking experience.

Gyms & Fitness Classes

Use our appointment scheduling software to book one to one appointments internally and externally. Typically used for staff or customers to meet with advisors for a range of appointment types.

Equipment Rental

Use our appointment scheduling software to build better long term customer relationships with instore personal shopper assistant appointments. Sell services online alongside to compliment existing EPOS and CRM software.

Financial Services

Use our appointment scheduling software for banks, credit unions and insurance companies to provide an excellent online booking experience and real-time analytic reporting.

Legal Services

Use our appointment scheduling software to booking appointments for your legal practice including staff and clients. Setup a range of services with multi device and multi channel booking available in real-time.

Resources & Facilities

Use our enterprise booking software to book facilities, sports pitches and court hire. Optionally allow members to book in advance, hire additional facilities and receive discounts for bulk payments.

What Customers Say

Enterprise Booking Software

BookingLive lets you take bookings with complete ease. From easy setup to beautiful reports, BookingLive gives your business a simple system to manage appointments, payments and customers. Explore the features of an Online Booking System for Enterprise. Whether you need bespoke appointment scheduling software or a transition from your current scheduling system, there’s more than one reason why you should choose BookingLive:

  • Easy to use data import tools with custom data migration options available
  • Hands-on support and excellent account management
  • AWS hosting infrastructure giving your business the uptime it deserves
  • 9 out of 10 customers would recommend our appointment scheduling software

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