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5 Best Apps For Improving Productivity

August 9, 2021

5 Best Apps For Improving Productivity


We exist in a generation where smartphones and tablets are able to dictate and influence every part of our lives. New apps come to fruition every day and are designed to take away any complexity and make anything from banking to booking a fitness class that little bit easier. Even though every app is on the cusp of our fingertips, do they actually increase our levels of efficiency? Does it make us perform our job better than if we didn’t have access to the technology?


By boosting our productivity output we experience powerful emotions such as being in control, meeting deadlines and feeling accomplished. Consequently, individuals, professionals and businesses will yield a greater number of positive results, therefore providing the perfect habitat for productivity to flourish. Here are some of the apps that are proven to increase productivity both within and outside of our working environments.


1. Carrot


An app with a complete contradiction in personalities. Carrot utilises its varying attitudes to help with motivation. It features six moods ranging from “joyful to wrathful” giving your to-do list an added dimension.



Stay focused and complete your tasks to receive points that deliver fun and rewards, whilst assignments left unfinished will leave you facing the wrath of Carrot. The app evolves the more you use it, making it the perfect app for those that need to be spurred on in order to be productive.


2. 30/30


When it comes to time management, 30/30 is ideal for procrastinators who are often left wondering where the day has gone.




The concept of 30/30 is simple. The user adds as many tasks as they like and set a sensible estimate for how long it should take to complete each task (or time they have to spend on a specific project). 30/30 then ensures you adhere to your schedule by animating the consequences of any slow-moving work ethic and provides the added challenge of racing against an independent source. By frequently using the app, you will be able to conjure up techniques to prevent any reduction in the quality of your work whilst still defeating the clock.


3. Things 3


The art of things is the ease in which it can be used. Creating to-do’s is a piece of cake and the app is designed to prevent your mind from drifting away from the job in hand. If a side thought begins to occupy your time, pick up your iPhone and add it to one of the many lists such as ‘today’ or ‘scheduled’ that are conveniently already built into the app. If you want to keep your things simple, then this is the task manager for you.


Things 3


4. Omnifocus


Ominfocus was destined for great things when it was awarded the Apple Design Award for best Productivity App at the launch of the iPhone Apple store. Since then, there has been no let-up.




Omnifocus is a powerful solution for those weighed down with multiple professional and personal projects. One of the most popular features of Omnifocus is the “forecast view” which gives you a structured overview of what tasks need to take precedence throughout the day. Another excellent aspect of this app is its location awareness. For example, if you need to deliver a parcel, the app will recognise this and direct you to the nearest post office. Omnifocus really is the ultimate time saver in everyday use.


5. BookingLive


BookingLive are supporting thousands of business owners across 74+ countries with free online booking automation systems. With your free account, you can set up your products and services in under 5 mins and have your bookable items live and ready for customers to purchase 24/7 on any device from anywhere. If you want to take payments through your online booking & scheduling system it is charged PAYG meaning that a small percentage is charged per sale made.




This flexible risk-free solution provides small business owners with an industry-leading customer experience, automation of administration tasks, automated payment handling and it doesn’t cost anything until you make a sale. 




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