Optimise Up-selling with your Online Booking System

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Optimise the Online Up-sell with your Online Booking System

March 1, 2021

Up-selling takes place constantly throughout our day to day lives, from the chewing gum at a supermarket till, to the side of fries or green olives at your favourite restaurant. Sellers are maximising their profits without us even noticing. In fact, Sumo have reported that upselling increases revenue by 10-30% on average.

Believe it or not, we are now able to create this in-store phenomenon on our e-commerce sites just as easily. 

How do we tempt shoppers that know exactly what they want?

The internet may not seem like the simplest environment to up-sell in, as customers are usually focused on buying one particular product rather than casually browsing. However it is easy to suggest extras and offers after an online purchase happens, as this is when the customer is least concerned about finding something specific to fit their needs. Customers have also given us a clue as to what they are in the market for after an online purchase, which makes it easy for suitable suggestions and upgrades.

This information is especially useful in the experience and activity package sector. From the initial sale, we are able to know what date the purchaser will be using the experience, what time, and what they will need. For example if an activity lasts all-day, selling a breakfast or lunch package will usually not require much consideration or persuasion by the purchaser. For new customers, the sale of vouchers, bulk buy offers and related gifts is also a great way to bring in first timers.

A major opportunity for the activity and experience sector is also the online sale of personalised photos. On-site cameras and photographers pictures of customers in action which they can preview (watermarked) online first, makes for an easy up sell as the product is already personal to them. The purchase of the photos also creates a lasting memory of your business in the customer’s home, and a great tool for word of mouth marketing!

How does BookingLive implement upsells to the booking journey? 

BookingLive’s online booking system is able to synchronise your bookings and extra products with relevant locations, activities, courses, and dates that your customers arrange. This allows for sensible up-sell suggestions, and further cognitive purchases. BookingLive can also set up your website with recognisable 3rd party gift agents such as Groupon and a voucher and redemption service that links in with your up-sell and marketing strategies.

BookingLive: Find out more

To see how we can customise your online purchase procedures to maximise your sales and correspond with your online bookings, please do contact us! Call 01179338632 or visit www.bookinglive.com for more information.