Online Booking System Problems

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Problems with Online Booking Systems

October 14, 2021

Problems with Online Booking Systems


Naturally, we could sing the praises of a booking system all day long; there are countless reasons it will benefit your business and boost sales. However, there are a select few online booking system problems you should be aware of when selecting the perfect booking system for your business.


1. Choosing the wrong system 
2. Employee management
3. Internet connection
4. Cyber criminals and fraud



1. Choosing the wrong booking system for your company needs 


With so many booking system options on the market, it may seem overwhelming to pick the best system for you. This window shopping period is essential though, as you do not want to sign up to a 12 month contract to pay for a system that’s not serving you as well as another option could. 

During this comparison process, it is important to note that any reputable company will clearly outline pricing, offer free trials or tailored demonstrations, and answer any questions you may have ahead of signing on the dotted line. 


We’ve written a few comparison pieces for you; 

Is BookingLive A Better Alternative to Calendly?

What is the Best Booking App?:  We compare Calendly, Opentable, Versum, SimplyBook and GigaBook. 

Top 3 Free Scheduling Tools: We compare BookingLive, Calendly and HubSpot meeting tools



2. You will need (at least) one expert within the business 


No automation system is completely self sufficient, and you will always need at least one person in the business that will require training to spend at least some of their working week managing the system. Our small business solution is self managed and you can get your system live in as little as 5 minutes, and there is a chatbot on the system that will connect to a member of BookingLive’s Customer Success Team that will answer any questions you may have.


Read more about our Online Booking System for Small Businesses.

3. Heavily reliant on a good internet connection 


Some things are simply out of our control, online booking system problems are sometimes not something related to your system or how you’ve set it up. If your customers have a poor internet connection you may still need to take telephone/email bookings.  Luckily, BookingLive allows you to book on behalf of your customers and submit the necessary details directly into our system so you can easily manage your bookings and maintain a high level of customer service.



4. A target for cyber criminals 


With personal data and bank details that are required to complete a booking, your online booking system will become a target for cyber criminals.

BookingLive only integrates with industry leading secure payments gateways to ensure that your customer’s information is safe and secure. For example, our small business solution is pre-integrated with Stripe; who by learning from millions of global businesses processing billions in payments each year, can assign risk scores to every payment and automatically block many high-risk payments. Their tool Radar scans every payment using thousands of signals from across the Stripe network to help detect and prevent fraud – even before it hits your business. 


BookingLive: Get started with a FREE online scheduling & booking automation system today


Claim a risk-free mobile-first online booking and scheduling system below, this booking app is free to use, simple to set up and if you want to take and automate your payments through the system it’s pay as you go.  If you want to take paid bookings through the system there is a 2.4% charge covering your Stripe and payment fees as and when you take a payment. We are supporting businesses across 75+ countries with PAYG online booking automation systems.


This flexible risk-free solution provides small business owners with an industry-leading customer experience, automation of administration tasks, automated payment handling and it doesn’t cost anything until you make a sale.